NETTP Invites Jesse Jackson to Join Us

Posted August 28th, 2013 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party President Julie McCarty was recently on Fox News’ On The Wire with Greta Van Susteren discussing Jesse Jackson’s claim that the tea party is the resurrected Confederate party.  McCarty invited Jackson to one of our meetings to get to know who the tea party really is.  Click on the image below to take a look!

Greta Aug 27 2013

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Brandon Darby’s Message to NE Tarrant Tea Party

Posted August 29th, 2011 by Julie

It certainly was a one-two punch!  Anita Moncrief started us off with her fantastic story (read it here), and then Brandon Darby wow’d us with the amazing recount of what he’s been through as a leftist activist who turned Right and then went undercover for the FBI.  He is responsible for saving hundreds of lives as he alerted officials to Left-wing plots against the Right.

Watch the full video presentation of Brandon’s message here:

Some highlights from Brandon and the minute-mark in the video where you can hear them are below…

  • 00:55 That’s the thing about America.  We believe in redemption.  Y’all are smiling at me.  You just got done hearing that I worked with Palestinians and I worked with Black Panthers.  I did do those things.  I did a lot of things in my life… And I’ve done my best to make up for those things.
  • 2:29 I always felt like I was someone who had survived a plane crash for some reason, and I always felt this great deal of sympathy for people who were having problems in life for whatever reason, whether their choice or not.
  • 3:07 I started to realize that when I saw things that were wrong, if I got other people involved I’d have a lot more of an effect in fixing those things that were wrong.  And so that’s when I become politicized… And very quickly a lot of older, radical activists on the Left began to take me under their wing.
  • 3:31 …began to read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States… and I felt lied to about my country.  I really bought that line of logic because here were these people who were helping people more than I’ve ever seen anyone help people, and they’re telling me that this is the history and it was so believable — to believe Howard Zinn’s version of what our nation was, that we were a nation founded on oppression.  And I believed it, hook, line and sinker…  And the people I respected around me, they really reinforced that.  So I had these heroes, and a lot of them were the Black Panthers.
  • 7:45 [speaking on Hurricane Katrina] I remember looking on Red Cross – all the lists… and you see thousands of people missing their relatives…  It was really horrible.  And I was really angry.  And it really reinforced everything bad I thought about the United States.  It really did.  I was like, “Wow, this government doesn’t care about the low-income black people.”
  • 8:52 [when trying to help Katrina victims] I never had more guns put in my face, more people shooting at me, saw more dead things…
  • 9:50 At that time we got another call from another Black Panther who was in trouble there… To make a long story short I helped to save the life of this guy…  All of a sudden I was getting a lot of media coverage and I was saying some radical stuff.  I was angry about what I had experienced at Katrina.  And the Panthers — you can imagine they were angry.
  • 10:16… Micheal Moore came up and gave us $200,000 to start an organization, even though we were radical… and after that… a bunch of groups started giving us money.  So… we just started organizing in the communities… thousands of volunteers started to come… Prominent, left-of-center activists and political players began to come and began working with me and began to try to co-opt the organization.
  • 11:30 Louisiana, which is very socialistic, they decided that they were gonna take… the 9th Ward and the Lower 9th Ward for private community development.  I said, “Wait a minute. That’s not right.”  We got pretty radical about it… I would do it again if someone did that to your home.  I’ll stand in front of that bulldozer…. That’s your private property.  When I said that, the Left got mad at me… It was really a weird moment for me.  I realized there were some problems.
  • 13:36 I got invited to Venezuela by the government of Hugo Chavez.
  • 15:08 What they really wanted was a revolutionary movement in the swamps of Louisiana.  Obviously I wasn’t real cool with that.
  • 15:43 When I got back to the United States, I actually kissed the ground.
  • 17:10 I really believe that God was helping me to change.
  • 19:41 Everything about me was changing and all these things I had been dedicated to for so many years were changing…  At this point I started to feel really bad about how I spoke about my country.
  • 20:03 A guy… from the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund came to me and he wanted me to help him set up fake businesses… He wanted to support suicide bombers.  So I told on him, and I called my arch enemy, the FBI.
  • 20:47 Who are these people that I hang out with that if they know I did this, they would hate me?
  • 22:07 For two years I spent most of my time working undercover with the International Terrorism Division of the FBI.
  • 22:24 We have reports that they’re… threatening violence to stop the Republican National Convention.  They’re threatening to do it by any means necessary.  At this point I was pretty irritated with the Left’s tendency to shut people’s rights down just because they feel like they’re morally superior, and to de-humanize.
  • 24:10 There were two guys making Molotov cocktails, and I was the person who uncovered it.
  • 28:01 I’m not going to shut up because I did nothing wrong.  I’m proud of what I did, and I’m gonna challenge that narrative [lies from the main stream media].
  • 29:20 They [the main stream media] slaughtered me. My mom cried every day for one year.  My mom called me everyday crying.  I joke you not.  I wanted to die.  They won’t tell the truth.
  • 30:00 Who are these people who do this? They are fighting for the right to be able to suppress Republicans and conservatives because they are morally superior than the ‘evil, racist conservatives.’
  • 31:03 They’re just re-writing history and they know they’re lying.
  • 31:10 I didn’t know what to do and I wanted to die…  And you know what happened?  My phone rang one day… “My name’s Andrew Breitbart…”  I’m gonna start crying because you don’t know what that felt like.
  • 35:11 I started this organization called Citizen Patriot Response.  If we could find a way to mobilize tea party people and get a way for them to actually just interact and help in low-income communities, that would break that narrative down [the narrative from the main stream media that labels tea parties as racists].
  • 39:25 [speaking about an interaction between a tea party in Houston and some black voters when Shelia Jackson Lee showed up]  Everyone was getting along, and …Sheila Jackson Lee showed up…  yelling at the top of her lungs.  So once again, the people were getting along, it was just the leadership, the traditional black leadership, who was making those divisions.
  • The whole deal is, if you have an organization or you wanna help people and if you’ve tried to help people and you found out that in order to help you have to go to this left-of-center non-profit where they try to indoctrinate you and you feel marginalized, if you wanna help, the back of my card says, “If you or someone you know need help or want to help others – please contact us so we can put our heads together and find a solution.”  It’s called CPR, Citizen Patriot Response.
  • 40:04 It’s guaranteed to get some attention to the good work that conservatives do.
  • 40:34 I don’t take money from it… It’s a ministry… I want to support them with the skill sets that I know.
  • 41:41 To most of the country, to a lot of the country, to a lot of people under 25, this is what they believe:  they believe that if you wanna …help people you vote Left, and if you wanna vote for rich, white racists you vote Right. That’s the narrative, and if you don’t break that narrative down, if private charity doesn’t find an effective, helpful way of addressing needs that are actually encouraging people to be better in the world instead of perpetuating the system, people are eventually gonna vote Left.

Brandon’s email address at CPR is, and the number is 512-749-8578.  He promises to return your call!

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Anita Moncrief’s message to NE Tarrant Tea Party

Posted August 28th, 2011 by Julie

What a surprise to have Anita Moncrief show up at one of our meetings!  She gave a presentation that is a must-see for all conservatives.  Anita details the inner workings of the Left agenda and tells the story of how she exposed the fraudulent voter registration practices of ACORN and Barack Obama.  If you’ve got friends who are left-leaning or independents, or especially those who have become disenchanted with Obama, you need to show them this.  I simply cannot fathom how one can listen to this presentation and still support the Democrats.

You can watch the video here:

Here are some highlights I pulled out from Anita’s presentation, and I noted at what time in the video she said them.

  • 3:56  For me, I was a staunch, and when I say liberal, I mean radical liberal.
  • 4:30 I was really committed to what we were doing.  So you start to look the other way.  You see things going on in the organization, and you know it’s wrong, but you’re doing it for the ‘movement’, and it’s not really about some of the things that get glossed along the way.
  • 6:12 They [ACORN] always wanted to divide the country. It was always a poor black issue… They told us,”Find the most toothless black person you can… We don’t want white people.”
  • 9:43 If my team is cheating, are we really winning?  That’s when I realized I had to do something.
  • 10:38 With liberals, it’s never about right, logical thought.  It’s always about how you feel — what emotions — and how you can tie those emotions into things that’ll get people motivated to do things they wouldn’t normally do.
  • 11:33 They all told me you cannot go up against ACORN and win.
  • 11:42 I sent them [the NY Times] documents, emails, phone records, everything they would need to realize that ACORN was not only a subversive organization, but they were working illegally with the Obama campaign.  Every time an article came out, it seemed to be more watered down than the others.
  • 14:39 No one in the main stream media wanted to cover the story and admit that Obama had lied about his connections to ACORN.
  • 17:40 I realized that all those things that I wanted to do about helping people, I could not do it on the Left, but I could do it with these folks [the conservative groups she was finding] because they were honest; they pulled me in; they were nice to me.  And for the first time I realized that the racism that I kept expecting wasn’t coming from the Right; it was coming from the Left.
  • 18:26 That’s when I realized that all this time I had been programmed.
  • 19:00 You can’t be with a group that’s trying to destroy your country.  In everything they did, what they called it, it was never about socialism.  They’ve never mentioned the word ‘socialism’ because most blacks do not agree with socialism. They talked about what’s fair, what’s right, giving money back to the people, redistributing wealth.  These are the key words, the catch phrases, that they used to get folks involved, not realizing that when you say you’re fighting capitalism that means that you’re socialist!
  • 19:49 If you think ACORN has gone underground and has disbanded, you’re completely wrong.
  • 20:27 The number of fraudulent [voter] registrations was double the national average.  This is how they chip away at our electoral system, putting things in place so where they can go in and make chaos and controversy at the ballot on election day – same thing with some of the things they’re working on with illegal immigration.
  • 20:44 We have to be aware that it’s not just voter registration, it’s not just black people… they are trying to fundamentally change…  and they are very effective at it because they’re long-range planners.  While we’re trying to win an election cycle, they’re trying to make a permanent Democrat majority for the next 40 years.  And I won’t even say Democrat because it’s more ‘progressive’ or radical liberal than anything else.
  • 21:40 So what we’ve been doing for the past year now is moving out from exposing ACORN to talking about what we can do as conservatives.
  • 21:55 We’re teaching the tactics of the Left to conservatives and putting them in the same communities that we have ignored so long.  We can’t take back America and ignore areas that look like… I call them liberal fallout zones.
  • 22:09 Imagine if we start to get out… in these communities and we show them that with conservatives being in those areas we’ve done more in the past year than Democrats have done in 40+ years.  That’s where we are now.  If we’re gonna take back America… we have to take it back block by block, city by city.
  • Since we can’t trust them [groups like ACORN who register voters] we have to form our own organizations based on conservative values and principles and show them it’s not handouts, it’s prosperity and capitalism — that’s the only proven pathway out of poverty.  That’s one of the things we’re doing here in Texas.
  • At the end of minute 23, Anita talks about working to elect conservative Democrats in the primaries (including within Shelia Jackson Lee’s district) because many blacks would rather die than vote for an R.
  • At minute 24, the Q&A focuses on how to convert Democrats.

Anita’s organization is Sanity 2012 (  She can be contacted at or 202-412-2970.

Please also check out Brandon Darby’s presentation on a similar topic this same evening.  Click here.

Attacking the soft under-belly of liberals

Posted August 1st, 2011 by Fred

If you will remember back during the Texas budget battle, Wayne Christian waged a valiant effort to ban colleges from using state funds for gender and sexuality centers that focus on “gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual, transgender, gender questioning or other gender identity issues”.  He wasn’t trying to ban them, just strip state funding from them.  Did you know that many conservative groups are considered religious and not eligible for the same funds?  Anyway, Rep. Christian reluctantly agreed to withdraw his amendment to save the budget bill after a very contentious debate on “pansexual politics“. 

Last week the group Raging Elephants called 20,000 homes in the Texas districts of Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston), Rep. Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin), Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio), and Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Ft. Worth).  These four liberal Democrats opposed the discontinuing of taxpayer-funded programs at Texas colleges. Led by Apostle Claver, the group finds that 80-90% of African Americans agree with conservative principles on social, fiscal and national defense issues. Claver’s focus is to “educate those that have been shackled by the chains of liberal/socialist ideology about its destructive nature and challenge them to reconsider their party affiliations that promote such political ideology.” Claver says of his latest campaign: 

Yep. And, we got some vile, profane-laced email from some ticked-off liberals that refused to believe the evidence.  But, that’s a GOOD thing.  Why?  Because in order for them to email us their curses, THEY HAD TO GO TO THE SITE! 

The analytics of the site also shows that once they got there, they did some clicking around.  Thus, we have to be joyful about the exposure the site received, and we must believe that someone (even if it was just a single person) was exposed to the truth and will reconsider their political leanings and affiliations.

Apostle Claver is one of the many exciting speakers that we’ve hosted here at NETTP. You can see a couple of his commercials here:  Zero-Sum Game            April 15 Just Another Day

Don't stand in the way of a stampede of elephants!

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Restoring Courage – Showing Support for Israel

Posted July 18th, 2011 by Julie

You can watch Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage Rally at Gateway Church in Southlake.  The event is August 24 at 7pm in room 2D.  Doors open at 6pm.  The room holds 200, and seating is first come, first served.  You are advised to arrive early!

Sept 12: Allen Clark on Civilizational Jihad

Posted May 26th, 2011 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting

Guest Speaker:  Allen Clark on Civilizational Jihad

September 12, 2011, 6:30-7:00pm

$5 dinner served at 6pm

1060 E Highland, Southlake 76092

(bldg 1020 of Highland Meadow Montessori Academy)

Allen Clark will speak to us on “Civilizational Jihad”…  internal subversion and treason, broader than Sharia Law.

About Allen Clark…

After attending Phillips Exeter Academy, Allen graduated the United States Military Academy in 1963, after which he was commissioned in the Army Corps of Engineers.  Two years after graduation from West Point, he volunteered for a tour in Vietnam where he served as a Military Intelligence officer assigned to the Fifth Special Forces Group.  Allen sustained injuries in an early-morning mortar attack at the Dak To Special Forces camp on June 17, 1967, that necessitated the amputation of both legs below his knees.  His military service and sacrifice were recognized with receipt of a Silver Star for Gallantry in Action, the Purple Heart, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He was airborne-qualified.

While learning to adjust to his disability and to walk on prosthetic legs, he obtained an MBA in finance and investments from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Allen’s first post-graduate position was as an investment manager for Ross Perot.  His other private sector experience has spanned oil and gas exploration, real estate marketing, and mortgage lending.  He has been vice president of a bank, president of three oil service companies, and co-founder of a real estate investment company in Texas.

Allen’s impassioned commitment to public service and to helping veterans began with an appointment in 1979 as the Special Assistant for Administration to Texas Governor William P. Clements, Jr.  In 1981, Allen was President Ronald Reagan’s selection to be Deputy Administrator for the Veterans Administration (now the Department of Veterans Affairs).  However, he chose to remain in Texas where in 1982 he received the Texas Republican Party’s nomination to run for State Treasurer in a race that was won by former Texas State Governor Ann Richards.

In 1989, he was nominated by President George H.W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Assistant Secretary for Veterans Liaison and Program Coordination at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  In 1991, he received his second VA confirmation as Director of the National Cemetery System, a position in which he served until the end of the Bush Administration.

Allen’s dedicated efforts to support veterans’ causes at the national and state levels were recognized with his nomination by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization as the Texas State candidate for the national Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the year 2000.  In 1993 the Military Chaplains Association awarded him their annual National Citizenship Award.”

He retired in 2005 as the Public Affairs Officer for the VA North Texas Health Care System in Dallas, Texas.  His current lay ministry is involved in outreach efforts to help veterans recover emotionally and spiritually from adverse wartime experiences.  Allen participates in many community and civic activities, including regularly speaking at various group events and churches.  Allen has addressed many audiences nationwide as a political candidate, public official, and motivational speaker.  Allen’s autobiography titled “Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior” was published in early 2007 by Zenith Press (visit book site).

He is a member of the American Legion, Association of the U.S. Army, Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the World Wars, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Military Officers Association, Sons of the American Revolution, Special Forces Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Association of Graduates of the U.S. Military Academy, and Vietnam Veterans of America.

Allen and his wife, the former Linda Frost, are members of Christ Church, Plano, TX.  Allen can be contacted by sending an email to
Here is some reading that will be recommended in this presentation:

2010 Islamic Terror Attacks

Posted December 16th, 2010 by Julie

In 2010, there were 1,618 Islamic terrorist attacks.
7,879 dead.
15,027 injured.
And the year isn't quite over yet.

This comes from the "Religion of Peace"??

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Is Arizona Immigration Law in Danger of Being Overturned?

Posted July 28th, 2010 by "Yawn" published this report today:

Federal Judge Blocks Part of Arizona Immigration Law

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked some of the toughest provisions in the Arizona immigration law, putting on hold the state’s attempt to enforce federal immigration policy.

Though the rest of the law is still set to go into effect Thursday, the partial injunction on SB 1070 means Arizona, for the time being, will not be able to require police officers to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest.

People are outspoken on both sides of the law, but one thing is certain, Aliens coming into our borders illegally has to stop! For security, as well as, legal reasons. THE NAACP IS WRONG!

Posted July 23rd, 2010 by "Yawn"

The NAACP’s July 13th resolution denouncing the Tea Party movement as ‘racist’ raises more doubts about the discernment and judgment of those who voted at the NAACP convention, than about the Tea Party itself.
As a proud black American and frequent speaker at Tea Party events all across the U.S., I can assure you that the Tea Party movement is not racist, and is instead dedicated to our founding principles; not the least of which are the ‘self evident’ truths that ‘all men are created equal’ and are ‘endowed by their Creator [not by government] with certain inalienable rights…’ .
Tea Party activists are among the strongest supporters of my campaign for US Congress. Never at any Tea Party event have I witnessed racially offensive conduct, signs or rhetoric.  Supposed racist activity claimed by some may have even been introduced by infiltrators, intent on discrediting the Tea Party.  Even if accusations of racism by a handful were proven; it would be wrong to denounce the entire Tea Party for the unendorsed actions of a few.  This is a lesson NAACP leadership has learned and taught for a century.
What seems to have happened is that NAACP members who voted for the resolution fell victim to politically motivated deception perpetrated by liberals being criticized by Tea Partiers, and whose false accusations are repeated by a media willing to perpetuate such deception. The racial issue is a ‘red herring’ designed to create division and deflect from the real concerns of an overreaching, overspending, out-of-control liberal government.
Irresponsible accusations by the NAACP denigrate its reputation and undermine the legitimacy of claims made by true victims of racism.  The NAACP ought to be more concerned about the devastating effects of liberal policies on many blacks in America; effects such as educational shortcomings, neighborhood violence, and a profit-seeking abortion industry that literally targets low income, black neighborhoods.
I stand with Americans of every race who reject the institutional elitists, and who insist that America return to its Constitutional roots. For that reason, I ask that you join the battle today by DONATING as much as possible, and by VOLUNTEERING to help in any way you can.
Thank You and God Bless the U.S.A.
Pastor Stephen Broden, Candidate for US Congress, Texas District 30.
Pol. Adv. Paid for by Broden for Congress
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Black Panthers call for “cracker” killings in hate speech rant!

Posted July 10th, 2010 by "Yawn"

Warning: Explicit language

In case you didn’t catch the news, the leader of the Philadelphia Black Panthers called for the murder of white people.

I kid you not. Read the full post and watch the video footage here.

The transcript of the most offensive part is below.

Samir: My job is to educate black people, whether they want to be educated or not. I don’t give a damn what they may think about white people, I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker I hate him. Because we are still in this condition.
Narrator: Samir will use any opportunity to shout his message. Even at a festival to celebrating African heritage.

Samir: We didn’t come out here to play. There is to much serious business going on in your black community to be sliding through south street with white, dirty cracker whores on your arms. What’s a matter with you black man, you got a doomsday with a white woman on your arm.
“We keep begging white people for freedom. No wonder we’re not free. Your enemy can not make you free fool. You want freedom you’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies.

For the record, we’re not surprised that black panthers would say such a thing. What we are surprised about, though, is that President Obama and the Democrat Congress hasn’t said a word about it.

You know, the same Congress members who have tied to paint peaceful tea partiers as violent and racist?

Not one word.

I really don’t see how we should just standby and allow this kind of hate speech to go unchecked.

Please read the full post and leave a comment. We would love to know your thoughts on the topic.

For Liberty.
-Eric Odom

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