The IRS apologizes? I’m gonna need more than that…

Posted May 10th, 2013 by Julie

irs were sorry

We haven’t talked about it much but, YES, we at NETTP were harassed for years by the IRS! In fact, they didn’t come after us just once, but twice.  Here are some of the many demands that they made (but didn’t necessarily get):

  • A print-out of every page on our web site (that would’ve been hundreds of pages of paper)
  • Every tweet from our twitter account
  • Personal resumes from all of our Board Members
  • Every task NETTP and our volunteers have ever performed (even research), how much time we spent on it, and what percentage of our time each task took
  • Copies of every flyer we ever made – and every flyer any guest speaker has ever handed out
  • Copies of every Facebook post (every Facebook post!!!)
  • Explain our relationship with Verify The Recall
  • Provide details on every fundraiser or solicitation for funds we’ve ever made, and every flyer or email or advertisement or announcement relating to them
  • A list of all items we’ve ever purchased, from what business, at what price, and how much we sold them for
  • The name of every volunteer and everything they’ve ever done for us
  • A copy of every single e-mail ever sent out by our group
  • A list of every candidate who’s  ever been mentioned on our website, e-mail, twitter…
  • All training provided, who conducted it, where, when, what did they hand out, and who attended
  • And this is only a partial list of the heavy-handed, police-state tactics designed to intimidate us out of existence. (Click here to read more).  We didn’t cave.
  •  P.S. We didn’t name names either.

Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) took up our case (and that of many other tea parties) at no cost to us.  Julie McCarty (NETTP President), Bob Smith (NETTP Treasurer), and Donna Smith (NETTP Secretary) spent countless hours compiling the requested data.  The ACLJ had wanted the answers for their files but would not submit anything without our permission.

Now it seems the IRS has been caught in their game (all thanks go to the ACLJ!) and has had to issue an apology.  An apology?  That’s all we get for the hours and hours of work done to stop their attacks?  Perhaps folks should be fired… or sued.  

The ACLJ has issued a press release.  Please read it by clicking here.  You can also read the official apology by clicking here.  Furthermore, our friends at the ACLJ have requested that everyone share this info by forwarding it on, posting it on Facebook, tweeting it, etc.  It’s the least we can do after they have saved us countless dollars on attorney fees!

Jay Sekulow was on FOX News explaining the whole situation and expressed very well the outrage and disgust and frustration of tea party leaders across the nation… and he exposes some lies the IRS tried to put into their excuses as well.  Take a look…


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