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Pros for Dogs: Uh, well, you know, um. Okay dogs are really not the cleanest animals in existence. The good thing is basically that you can potty train them, and training for you to go towards the bathroom outside is both convenient plus whole lot less smelly for your home. That's really all I should say for your positive sides. Dogs will take care of themselves most often, anyone will probably need to supply a bath from period for time in order to assist keep them clean.

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Pirate - Use a white shirt, a black vest or cut up a black shirt to look like a vest by cutting from the arms and collar and slitting upward the middle of. A pair of black pants, cut triangles away from bottom. Use a bandana for that headpiece. You may also paint one eye black. Do this carefully by drawing a triangle above and underneath the eye and filling it in. Internet sites . not painting the actual eye because baby's might rub the makeup to have it their own eye. If you be colorful, mix and match the outfit using ever things have handy that is one solid colouring. Black boots go well with this costume.

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