Tea-Mail: September 29, 2010

Posted September 29th, 2010 by Julie

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Hello, Patriots!

There are only 34 days until Election Day, but more importantly, did you know early voting starts October 18?  That’s only 19 days away!  The Left is out there every day knocking on doors, making phone calls, sharing emails and sharing facebook posts.  What are YOU doing to counteract their efforts?  Did you know only about 7% of our tea party membership is ACTIVE?  Oh, 100% of us like to complain about the state of the Union, but nobody wants to be inconvenienced by the fight.  Saturdays and evenings are full of sitcoms, ballgames, and other activities, right?  We’re too busy and too tired to take action.  That has to change!  It’s just another month of sacrifice. You can do it!  Get involved NOW, or it will be too late.  That is not a scare tactic — that is the truth. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Donate money.  I don’t care how much it is.  $2 or $2000 or anywhere inbetween.  Just donate.  Campaigns cannot be won without money.  For a list of conservative candidates to support, click here.  Or for a list of the top 50 races you can help win, click here.  Or for a list of Texans who have gotta go, click here.  To keep it local, conservative candidates who desperately need your support include Stephen Broden, Bill Flores, Bill Zedler, Barbara Nash, and Rodney Anderson.
  • Make phone calls.  Do it from home or at a campaign office.  It’s easy.  No experience necessary.  Call Laura at 817-595-0303 to schedule a time with the Tarrant County GOP, or contact any of the local candidates listed above and call specifically for them. 
  • Walk.  Nothing beats face-to-face contact.  Contact any of the above candidates to find out where they are walking and when (most do it every Saturday, as well as in the evenings during the week).  Again, it’s easy and no experience is necessary.  The weather is beautiful, the exercise is needed, and the friendships made are a true blessing!  Some from NETTP walk for Broden every Saturday.  Email  dawn_neuman@msn.com to sign up for that.  Or email me to sign up to walk for Flores on Oct 16. 


Let me replace a faulty link I gave you in the last tea-mail.  To view the fantastic videos we’ve posted on You Tube, please click here.  The list also now includes Stephen Broden and Bill Flores from our potluck Saturday night.   


Sent to me from member M.A., Abilene… It seems from this report, Texas has 12 counties that have more registered voters than voting age citizens. Read it here:  http://www.texasinsider.org/?p=34306  


Read this paragraph carefully because it includes some names you need to learn… The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) passed a resolution 7-6 that sends a warning to textbook publishers.  It explains that if their books contain pro-Islam/anti-Christian, anti-Judeo bias in the future, those books will be rejected by the Board.  Those SBOE members voting FOR the resolution included David Bradley, Barbara Cargill, Cynthia Dunbar, Don McLeroy, Terri Leo, Gail Lowe and Ken Mercer.  Those voting against the resolution included Geraldine Miller, Pat Hardy (covers part of Tarrant County), Lawrence Allen (the Vice-Chair and only Muslim on the Board), Mavis Knight (covers part of Tarrant County), Bob Craig (a Republican covering Lubbock area), and Rick Agosto.  Two Board members were absent, Mary Helen Berlanga and Rene Nunez.  During the meeting, many passages were read from current textbooks being used in Texas as we speak that bash Christians, ignore Jews, and exalt or victimize Muslims.  It was shocking stuff!


Think about your neighbors and family members… Has anyone moved?  Did they re-register?  Remind them to do so!  Remember, to vote in November you must be registered by Oct 4.   

Do you have kids away at college or know anyone in a nursing home?  Tell them to get their mail-in ballots!  To find out about mail-in ballots, click here.  You must be 65 years or older and/or be disabled and/or be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance and/or be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.   

Not sure what we’re voting on?  To view a sample ballot specific to your precinct, go to https://voterlookup.tarrantcounty.com/.    


One of our members has offered to lead a prayer meeting before our regular meetings.  That’s what I love about our members!  Initiative!  So, if you’d like to be a part of praying for our group and our country, please show up at 6pm instead of 6:30 for our meetings.  We’ll meet in a side room and talk to God together.  You may pray silently or aloud, whatever you’re comfortable with or however you’re led.  Join us!  


We need someone who will volunteer to man our sales table at our meetings.  If you are interested, please email me.  It would require you to arrive by 5:45pm, set up, stay at the booth before and after the presentations so people can shop, complete a simple sales report, and bring the box of merchandise to and from the meetings.   


Many of you remember from our meeting on the Islamization of America a woman named Dorie O’Brien who did a great job handling the Q&A session.  Well, Dorie is the featured speaker on Thursday night at the Keller Boiling Point Tea Party.  I encourage you to attend.  You will be shocked at what Dorie unveils about ISLAM IN AMERICA.  The meeting is at 7pm on September 30 at the Lion’s Club, 532 E Keller Pkwy, Keller 76248.  


Before the end of this week those of you who have provided us with your precinct number (about 30% of our total group) will receive a special email from me regarding our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort.  Please watch for that and respond!  For those of you who have not turned in your precinct number, please send it to me with your first and last name.  You can find your 4-digit precinct number on your voter card or by clicking here.  


I want to call attention to our next two events.  First, we’re meeting at Sonic on Oct 9 for fellowship. They’re donating 20% of your ticket to NETTP!  Join us for that.  Also join us on Oct 11 for our next meeting.  Details and links for both are below.     (Speakers, events and dates may change. Check our website or voicemail for details and latest schedule.)

          October      4 Mon        Deadline to register to vote for the November elections

                            9  Sat          Fundraiser dinner at Sonic in Keller

                          11  Mon        NETTP Meeting: Candidate Bill Flores & Empower Texans’ Phil Fountain

                           18 Mon        Early voting begins

                           28  Thurs     NETTP Meeting: A Look At American Fiscal Insanity presented by Dennis McCuistion

                           29 Fri           End of early voting

     November     2  Tue         Election Day

                          6  Sat          Post-Election Party!

                         15 Mon        NETTP Meeting: teaching on the Federalist Papers by Michael Badnarik

     December    13 Mon         NETTP Meeting: Wayne Richard discusses the Texas Speaker of the House Strauss


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Oct 9: Fundraiser Dinner at Sonic in Keller!

Posted September 29th, 2010 by Julie

Please join us on Saturday evening, October 9, between 5:00pm and midnight, at the Sonic in Keller (771 Keller Pkwy).  During that time, if you say you are with the NE Tarrant Tea Party WHEN YOU ORDER, we will receive 20% of your ticket.  There's an outdoor seating area where patriots can gather to mingle, eat, and visit between 5:00 and 8:00pm. 

Click here for a flyer to keep and/or share with full details.

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Record Number of Black Conservatives May Be Elected to Congress in November

Posted September 29th, 2010 by "Yawn"

In an article posted on «Newsmax.com»:

Black GOP Poised to Score Historic Election Victory

By: David A. Patten

Riding a fierce anti-incumbent wave, Republicans have an opportunity to make history by electing a record number of black conservatives to Congress in November.

Fourteen black Republicans have received the GOP’s nomination in their respective congressional districts. If just three of them win, it would mark the first time since Reconstruction that more than two African-Americans from the Republican Party have served in Congress, according to The Frederick Douglass Foundation.

“This will be the most successful election cycle for African-American Republicans in at least the last 20 years,” Republican Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state, tells Newsmax.

Blackwell estimates there is a 75 percent chance that at least three black Republicans will win national office this cycle.

Five or more victories by black Republicans would signal that the long-awaited dream of a Republican big tent — the opening up of the party to greater ethnic and gender diversity — finally could be coming true.

Frances Rice, head of the National Black Republican Association, recently told Newsmax that the increase in black GOP candidates is noteworthy. But she blames the mainstream media for ignoring black Republicans in previous election cycles.

“You have to keep in mind black Republicans have been running for a number of years,” she said. “They’ve been ignored because talking about them as Republican candidates didn’t fit into the media template.”

* Stephen Broden, Texas-30 — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has called it “an honor” to endorse Broden, who has pastored a church in the Dallas area for over 20 years. Broden’s campaign has won national attention, with other endorsements coming from Rep. Pete Sessions and Rep. Jeb Hensarling, among others. Broden is a passionate defender of conservative principles and limited government, which he identifies as the key to American greatness. Broden’s opponent is Eddie Bernice Johnson, who has been caught in the ethics spotlight for distributing college Congressional Black Caucus Foundation scholarships to her four relatives and a top aide’s two children. Johnson denies any favoritism, and said she couldn’t find any other children in her district who were “very worthy.” This sparked a broadside from Broden that all the children in his district are worthy. CBC Foundation general counsel Amy Goldson told the Dallas Morning News Johnson’s actions violated its nepotism rules, and are “of great concern.”

GOP leaders have been talking for years about expanding the GOP tent to include more minorities.

There are 42 African-American Democrats in Congress, a number that includes the lone black senator, Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois, and non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

One reason more black Republican candidates haven’t run for office may be that they usually end up on the receiving end of brickbats and outright slurs from progressives, who react to any rivalry for the black vote, more than 90 percent of which traditionally goes to Democrats.

Black Republicans are facing another frustration this year: The mainstream media insists on crediting Barack Obama, of all people, for their ascendancy.
Timothy Johnson, co-founder of The Frederick Douglass Foundation, tells Newsmax that the media could be right but not in the way they think.

He contends more qualified black Republicans have stepped up to run this year because they have been alarmed by the direction America’s first black president is taking the country.

“Yeah,” says Johnson, “you had a bunch of blacks who said, ‘We’re tired of being stereotyped that all of us think like him.’”

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Videos from Saturday’s Potluck

Posted September 27th, 2010 by Julie

If you missed Saturday’s potluck, you do NOT want to miss watching the videos from our guest speakers.   Bill Flores and Stephen Broden both spoke, and both received constant interuptions for applause and a standing ovation at the end.  While the two have very different styles in front of a crowd, both had important things to share with us.  Listen in!

Bill Flores is ahead in the polls but is running the campaign as if he’s in last place.  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, right?  If you want more information on the Flores campaign, would like to donate, or would like to volunteer, please visit his website.  And don’t forget to email juliemccarty3@yahoo.com if you can help block walk on Oct 16!

  • Click here for part 1 of 2 of Bill Flores’ presentation
  • Click here for part 2 of 2 of Bill Flores’ presentation

Stephen Broden was on fire Saturday night.  A 20-minute presentation turned into 40 minutes, and everyone was hanging on every word.  If you’ve heard Broden speak several times, you still have not heard this!  Broden needs a lot of help in his district if he’s going to win.  Go to his website to learn about his campaign, how to donate, and how to volunteer.  And don’t forget to email dawn_neuman@msn.com if you want to help block walk!

  • Click here for part 1 of 4 of Stephen Broden’s presentation
  • Click here for part 2 of 4 of Stephen Broden’s presentation
  • Click here for part 3 of 4 of Stephen Broden’s presentation
  • Click here for part 4 of 4 of Stephen Broden’s presentation
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Posted September 27th, 2010 by "Yawn"

Don't be lulled into thinking we still have 17 days until the fall 2010 elections. We can't wait to lull last minute undecided voters.

We must change the hearts and mind of early voters or it's too late!!!

There only 1 day until the next election and don't believe otherwise!


JW "Yawn" vanLohuizen
Volunteer NETTP Webmaster


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Next meeting: Oct 11 with Phil Fountain, Sr. Policy Advisor of Empower Texans

Posted September 26th, 2010 by Julie

Join us at our monthly meeting on October 11!  We have a fantastic speaker…

Phil Fountain – Senior Policy Advisor for Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.  Empower Texans exists to create and sustain a system of strong fiscal stewardship within all levels of Texas government, ensuring the greatest amounts of economic and personal liberty, and promoting public policies that provide individuals with the freedom to use their strengths and talents in pursuit of greater opportunities. 

We also have some candidates running for Texas Representative in local districts who will speak briefly with us about their campaigns and why they need our help.  These include Rodney Anderson, a rep for Barbara Nash, and possibly Bill Zedler, all out of the Arlington/Grand Prairie/Mansfield area.  These are great conservative candidates going up against tough liberal opponents, and they need our help to win.  Texas Reps will have a big job this year as they tackle the re-districting issue.  We need all the conservatives we can get to work on our behalf to get the redistricting done right! 

Date: "Monday,
Time: "6:30–8:00pm"
  Mix and Mingle beginning at 6:00pm
Place: 1060 E Highland Street,
Southlake, TX 76092
  (in the gym of the Highland Meadow Montessori Academy)
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Early Voting

Posted September 25th, 2010 by "Yawn"

Monday, Oct. 18th is when Early Voting begins and continues through Friday Oct. 29th.

Find Places to Early Vote:

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Next Meeting: Oct 28 with Dennis McCuistion on “A Look At American Fiscal Insanity”

Posted September 25th, 2010 by Julie

Join us when our guest speaker will be Dennis McCuistion, presenting a very relevant message for tea partiers, "A Look At American Fiscal Insanity."

Dennis McCuistion of McCuistion & Associates fills his speeches with humor and inspiration designed to move audiences to action.  He develops and teaches seminars on banking, economics and free enterprise for financial institutions, corporate clients, conferences, schools and associations across the country.  Dennis excels as a moderator who brings out the best in people.  He is an author, educator and TV host, as well as a former bank CEO who consults with financial institutions and other businesses on top management issues.  He facilitates strategic planning sessions, offers advice on director/CEO issues and serves on boards and audit committees of public and private companies.

Please join us!

Date: "Thursday,
Time: "6:30–8:00pm"
  Mix and Mingle beginning at 6:00pm
Place: 1060 E Highland Street,
Southlake, TX 76092
  (in the gym of the Highland Meadow Montessori Academy)
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Election Day!!!!

Posted September 24th, 2010 by Julie

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 2nd.  Go vote!

Click for Tarrant County voter and election information.

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Tea-Mail – September 22, 2010

Posted September 23rd, 2010 by Julie


URGENT NEWS FIRST!  Please read the first paragraph about the DISCLOSE Act and respond. Then come back to this email and read the rest of it.  

DISCLOSE Act – Vote is Thursday!

The free-speech shredding DISCLOSE Act is back.  Using procedural tricks, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is planning on bringing the DISCLOSE Act up for a vote on Thursday (Sept 23).  I need you to call both Senator John Cornyn at (202) 224-2934 and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison at (202) 224-5922, right now! Demand that they vote against any version of the DISCLOSE Act. Back on June 24, the House passed the DISCLOSE Act, H.R. 5175, by 219-206. In July the Senate failed to pass this bill and it was considered dead until after the November 2 elections, but now suddenly this week the bill has been revived for partisan political reasons by the Democrats and is scheduled for a vote September 23.

Do you remember how President Obama called out the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address back in January? He was referring to the Court’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that unexpectedly upheld the Constitution and free speech by ruling that corporations, unions, and nonprofit organizations are permitted to make campaign contributions under the First Amendment. After chastising the Supreme Court, Obama urged “Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps correct this.”  The DISCLOSE Act is the bill that President Obama was asking for in his State of the Union address. It is a direct attack on the free speech rights of corporations and organizations, even online bloggers, during campaigns.

 Have you moved?

Make sure you update your voter registration now to avoid a problem on Election Day.  You can check your voter registration status here.  As long as you reside in the same county, you can change your information online at the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Name/Address Change website.  Did you move to another county?  If you moved to another county, YOU MUST RE-REGISTER! Fill out and mail a new application, or take it in person, to the Voter Registrar of your new county.  You can print out a voter registration application here. Print it out, sign it and mail it in.  Deadline is Oct 4.

Elections Help Wanted

This request for help comes from Stephanie Klick, our Tarrant County GOP Leader.  If you think voter fraud doesn’t happen in our area, think again.  We must fulfill our civic responsibilities and serve as Election Clerks and Poll Watchers.  Please take a day off of work and volunteer!

Locally we will need individuals willing to serve as Clerks and poll watchers in Democrat precincts.  Some locations are not in very safe areas, so this is not for the timid.  We will do training at our office the Saturday before the election for those willing to serve on Election day.  We will assign locations and give out the required affidavits at that time. 

We will also need people to serve as poll watchers during early voting.  The early voting election teams are supposed to be made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, so early voting is less of a problem.  Training for Early voting poll watchers will be the Saturday before Early voting begins on October 18th.  

If you have people that would be willing to serve as clerks on election Day, I need their names and contact info by the end of the week (Fri, Sep 24!). These assignments will also be in heavily Democrat areas, mostly in the southern portion of the county.

No Excuses

Folks are starting to pay more attention to the upcoming elections now, and we need to be right there providing accurate information.  We MUST be supporting all the conservative candidates we can manage both financially and physically (via block walks and phone banking).  You do not need any experience.  Pick a candidate and volunteer!  Just look at all these tools we have to offer you…

  • DTP Victory in a Box Phone Banking Go to www.dallasteaparty.org/phone_banking.  Click on your county and whichever campaign/script that you want. Read the calling instructions. Click on the Precinct pulldown menu and click on your precinct number, and then on the “Get Started” button. The page that pops up will be your script with a phone number at the top. From your own home or cell phone, dial the number and go through the script if someone answers. At the bottom of the script, you have 3 options: “select another precinct,” “I’m finished,” and “Next.” If you want to continue making calls but from another precinct, click on select another precinct. If you don’t want to make any more calls, click on I’m finished. And, if you want to continue making calls, click on “Next.” 
  • Tarrant County GOP Phone Banking – Volunteers are needed for the  Phone Bank at TCGOP Headquarters for State Representative Districts 93 & 96 and Congressional District 17. These calls will benefit all GOP candidates but are particularly important for Bill Zedler, Barbara Nash and Bill Flores.  Call Laura at 817-595-0303 to schedule a time.
  • Conservative Candidates Nationwide – Branch out and support candidates all across the country!  Click here for a list of candidates and their opponents, with great summaries explaining who is the conservative candidate and why.  One of our members, J.S. from Arlington, did a fantastic job compiling this data for us!
  • Texans Who Gotta Go – Here’s another list you may find useful.  It’s a list of Texans who voted for Obamacare, and the candidates running against them.  It provides everything you need to provide support to those opponents, asking for just $5 per candidate.
  • Top 50 Races YOU Can Help To Win – The title says it all.  Click here.  Not only does the list qualify these conservative candidates but it allows American voters to donate directly to the campaigns and encourages Get-Out-The-Vote participation in their districts.  These 50 races are all on the edge of winning and just need a little more support from you.  Candidates will be moved up and down on this list as we get closer to Nov. 2.
  • Walk for Local Races – NETTP members will be walking for Bill Flores on Oct 16.  Email me if you want to join in.  If you want to walk for Stephen Broden on any Saturday between now and Nov 2, email NETTP member Dawn at dawn_neuman@msn.com.  You may also want to walk for Bill Zedler or Barbara Nash.  NETTP does not have group walks scheduled for those two candidates, but click on their names for more information.  Both will likely be visiting an NETTP meeting soon! 
  • A non-local candidate in a local venue – Jesse Kelly came home from Iraq where he served as a Marine, only to find out Obamacare had passed.  He got so mad he decided to run for Congress!  He won the primary and is now in a race against the incumbent Democrat candidate, Gabrielle Giffords.  Jesse is included on the list I mentioned above, Top 50 Races You Can Help To Win.  And what’s more, he’ll be in the DFW area on Sep 28 at 7pm!  That’s Tuesday night!  Don’t miss your chance to support him.  Click here for details on this event.

NETTP Videos on YouTube

Did you know NETTP has a good presence on You Tube?  Click here to check out our library.  We’ve got…

  • The videos of Bill Ames and Merry Lynn Gerstenschlager’s presentations to NETTP from Monday night
  • Video clips from Dr. Stephen Steinlight’s presentation to NETTP on the immigration problem
  • The presentation Stephen Broden made to NETTP back in June (both the full-length 40-minute version, and one condensed down to 9 minutes of highlights)
  • Other videos of tea party interest

Book/Video Exchange

We will now be offering a book exchange at our meetings.  Clean out your bookshelves of conservative books and videos and bring them to our next meeting for others to take home and enjoy!  Put your name and contact info inside if you want them returned to you.  Or if you want to donate them, simply put NETTP on the inside. 

Sound Off

In our last tea-mail, I asked for people to write to me and tell me who they would vote for in the Governor race and why.  Click here to check out the answers I received!  And now let’s try a new question:  Who would you like to see run for President in 2012 and why?  Email your responses to juliemccarty3@yahoo.com with ‘President 2012’ in the subject line.

NE Tarrant Tea Party Calendar

(Speakers, events and dates may change. Check our website or voicemail for details and latest schedule.)

     September    25 Sat          Quarterly Potluck Dinner combined with fundraiser for Broden & Flores

          October      9  Sat          Fundraiser dinner at Sonic in Keller

                          11  Mon        NETTP Meeting: Candidate Bill Flores & Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan

                            4 Mon        Deadline to register to vote for the November elections

                          18 Mon        Early voting begins

                          28  Thurs     NETTP Meeting: A Look At American Fiscal Insanity presented by Dennis McCuistion

                         29 Fri           End of early voting

     November    2  Tue         Election Day

                        6  Sat          Post-Election Party!

                       15 Mon        NETTP Meeting: teaching on the Federalist Papers by Michael Badnarik

     December  13 Mon         NETTP Meeting: Wayne Richard discusses Texas Speaker of the House Strauss 

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