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Feb 9: Evan Sayet: conservative political comedian

Posted December 18th, 2014 by Julie

Evan’s career is divided almost exactly down the middle, his time spent alternating between being what David Horowitz says is “Simply the best political comedian working in America today” and his more serious talks — most famously to the Heritage Foundation — the first of which Andrew Breitbart called “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given and which is now — by far — the single most viewed talk in the Heritage Foundation’s history.

Evan will be giving what is now the third talk in what he calls his “Heritage Foundation series,” this one using his “Unified Field Theory of Liberalism” (which everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Dennis Miller has described as nothing less than “brilliant”) to explain how and why the media twists the English language and gets literally every major story not just wrong, but as wrong as wrong can be.

NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting

 Speaker:  Evan Sayet

Also:  Chris Putnam on TexRail

February 9, 2015

4:30pm – Prayer meeting (all welcome)

5:45pm – $5 dinner served at 5:45pm (no rsvp necessary)

6:30-8:00pm – meeting time

Brookside Center, 1244 Brookside Dr, Hurst, TX 76053

Our meetings are free of charge and open to all. 
About Evan Sayet:
evan sfvrc promo

Evan was born in New York city and went to school in Rochester, New York. He would soon move out to Hollywood in order to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, television writer, and eventually video producer as well. However, post 9-11, he rethought (or more accurately, thought about for the first time) his political and social beliefs. Evan recognized that he had been acting as a knee-jerk Liberal, but was, in reality, a conservative at heart. From that moment, he has dedicated himself to conserving and promoting the values of the America that has given him freedom and allowed him to pursue his life of liberty and happiness.

In the meantime, Evan has become the nation’s leading conservative, political comedian, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican and conservative events, while at the same time writing the bestselling book The KinderGarden Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks. He’s given numerous lectures on the same subject as his book – including one to the Heritage Foundation, to which Andrew Breitbart call the lecture, “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given,” – and another to the Conservative Forum, which has been recognized as the definitive explanation as to how and why the Mainstream Media has gotten, literally, every major story of the past six decades not just “wrong”, but as wrong as wrong can be.

Evan Sayet resides in Los Angeles, California, and can be reached at contactevansayet@gmail.com or via the contact page.

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April 15: First-Ever, Statewide Tea Party Rally

Posted January 29th, 2015 by Julie

Are you a conservative in Texas?  Do you believe in the 5 core values of the tea party (limited govt, fiscal sanity, personal responsibility, nat’l sovereignty, rule of law)?  Then YOU are invited!  No tea party affiliation required — if you are like-minded, we welcome you to stand with us!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015 — TAX DAY, of course!

South Steps of the Texas Capitol Building


Flyers will be handed out to help you know which Reps to visit on what issues before and after the event.

Speakers:  TBD – watch for announcements!

Dress:  the event t-shirt (see below), or your group tea party shirt

RSVP:  not required, but if you are on Facebook, please RSVP here.

Support the event by purchasing the official t-shirt! Shirts are $15 each. All proceeds go towards covering the costs of the rally. Child sizes up to adult 4X are available.  Shirts can be picked up at the rally, or you can pay an additional fee for shipping to your home. 



Partial list of tea parties participating:

  • NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • Allen Area Patriots
  • Frisco Tea Party
  • Clear Lake Tea Party
  • Kingwood Tea Party
  • Montgomery County Tea Party
  • Lone Star Tea Party
  • Arlington Tea Party
  • Southeast Texas Tea Party
  • North Texas Tea Party
  • Hood County Tea Party
  • Heritage Action South Central Region
  • Fredericksburg Tea Party
  • Johnson County Tea Party
  • Texas Patriots Tea Party
  • Collin County Conservative Republicans
  • Kaufman County Tea Party
  • Abilene TEA Party
  • Amarillo TEA Party
  • San Angelo TEA Party
  • Pearland TEA Party
  • The Remembrance Project
  • Alvin Tea Party Patriots
  • Lake Jackson Tea Party
  • Fort Bend County Tea Party
  • Tea Party Patriots of Texas
  • Raging Elephants Radio
  • Battleground Tea Party of Texas
  • Grand Prairie Tea Party
  • North Texas Citizens Lobby
  • Texoma Patriots
  • Garland Tea Party
  • Golden Corridor Republican Women
  • Special Operations Speaks PAC
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May 11: Potluck with Luke Macias

Posted January 25th, 2015 by Julie

If you don’t know who Luke Macias is, you are probably very familiar with his work.  Luke is the consultant for many of our favorite elected officials, including Jonathan Stickland, Giovanni Capriglione, Konni Burton, and Matt Rinaldi.  He has an incredible victory record, and undoubtedly some incredible stories to share – the good, the bad, the ugly… and the funny!  Sounds like good entertainment for our next potluck dinner, don’t you think?

NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting & potluck dinner

 Speaker:  Luke Macias, Political Consultant

Monday, May 11, 2015

4:30pm – Prayer meeting (all welcome)

6:30pm – chow line opens (no rsvp necessary but see below for food schedule)

7:00-8:00pm – program

Location:  TBD

Our meetings are free of charge and open to all.  


About the food (the important part!)…
NETTP will provide tablesettings, meat and drinks.  YOU need to bring a dish based on your last name.  Honestly, homemade is always preferred, but do what you can!
A-E – bread or chips
F-J – salad (fruit or veggie)
K-R – side dish
S-Z – dessert
About Luke Macias:

Bio coming soon!

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Urgent Need for Calls Nationwide Regarding US House Speaker Race!

Posted January 5th, 2015 by Julie



You’ve probably heard that Speaker Boehner is being challenged in his re-election bid.  That’s great news!  Texas’ own Louie Gohmert, a tea party favorite, is one of those who has stepped up to run against him.  But if you’re like me, you have little knowledge of how this process works, so I’ll share what I’ve learned in a crash course!

First of all, Gohmert is a hero. Win or lose, he is taking one for the team.  His candidacy means that no Congressman can use the excuse that there was no one else but Boehner to vote for.  And just in case that’s not enough, another Congressman, Rep Yoho who is more moderate than Gohmert, has also stepped up, which means no one can say Gohmert is too conservative and therefore they had to vote for Boehner.  See how all the bases are covered now?  No excuses from our Congressmen!

Wait… there’s one more excuse they may make… “The challengers didn’t announce in caucus so it’s too late.”  That doesn’t hold water.  The procedure legitimately allows for new names to be thrown into the ring up until the vote is taken, and that makes them viable options.   To vote for Boehner at this point means one thing:  you wanted to vote for Boehner.  Period.

The voting works like this…  You have to have an absolute majority to win.  Right now that is 218 votes.  (That 218 goes down every time someone votes ‘present’ but does not vote for a specific person).  If no one gets an absolute majority, new nominations are made and we start all over.  I’m told that one time in the 1800s it took something like 126 ballots to get a winner!

So the goal is to keep Boehner (and Pelosi) from getting to 218. 

Pelosi will only get to 188 because that’s how many Democrats are in the House.

If we can find 29 Republicans to vote against Boehner (doesn’t matter who they vote for… Gohmert or Yoho or anyone else who throws their name in at the last minute except for Pelosi), then this will go to a second round of voting.

Did you catch that?  Unless Boehner makes a deal with the Democrats, we only need 29 votes against him to keep the dream alive.  We currently have anywhere from 10-20 from the best guesses folks are making, and that number changes constantly.

The vote is Tuesday.  That doesn’t give us a lot of time.

Please contact your Congressman.  In fact, please have every concerned American you know contact their own Congressman as well.  Here’s a list of EVERY Congressman with phone number (and some notes on where some of them stand, but again, it changes quickly).  SHARE THIS LIST!

Remember, we only have a little over one day!  Calls must be made now!  Ask your Congressman to vote against Boehner.
District # — Name — Phone
1 Byrne, Bradley 202-225-4931
2 Roby, Martha 202-225-2901
3 Rogers, Mike *** 202-225-3261
(Rogers voted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 Aderholt, Robert 202-225-4876
5 Brooks, Mo *** 202-225-4801
(Brooks voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Palmer, Gary*** 202-225-4921
(Palmer is newly-elected. On the campaign trail, he promised to fire Boehner as Speaker)

District # — Name — Phone
At Large Young, Don 202-225-5765

District # — Name — Phone
2 McSally, Martha*** 202-225-2542
(McSally is newly-elected. She has not taken a public position against Boehner but she’s being pressured by supporters to vote against him)
4 Gosar, Paul A*** 202-225-2315
(Gosar did not vote for Boehner the last time he ran for Speaker.and in November he said he’d oppose Boehner again)
5 Salmon, Matt *** 202-225-2635
(Salmon voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Schweikert, David*** 202-225-2190
(Schweikert voted against the CRomnibus bill)
8 Franks, Trent *** 202-225-4576
(Franks voted against the CRomnibus bill)

District # — Name — Phone
1 Crawford, Rick *** 202-225-4076
(Crawford voted against the CRomnibus bill)
2 Hill, French*** 202-225-2506
(Hill is newly-elected. He has not taken a public position against Boehner but he ran a campaign as a Conservative)
3 Womack, Steve 202-225-4301
4 Westerman, Bruce 202-225-3772

District # — Name — Phone
1 LaMalfa, Doug *** 202-225-3076
(LaMalfa voted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 McClintock, Tom*** 202-225-2511
(McClintock, voted against the CRomnibus bill)
8 Cook, Paul 202-225-5861
10 Denham, Jeff 202-225-4540
21 Valadao, David 202-225-4695
22 Nunes, Devin 202-225-2523
23 McCarthy, Kevin 202-225-2915
25 Knight, Steve 202-225-1956
39 Royce, Ed 202-225-4111
42 Calvert, Ken 202-225-1986
45 Walters, Mimi 202-225-5611
48 Rohrabacher, Dana*** 202-225-2415
(Rohrabacher voted against the CRomnibus bill)
49 Issa, Darrell 202-225-3906
50 Hunter, Duncan D. 202-225-5672

District # — Name — Phone
3 Tipton, Scott 202-225-4761
4 Buck, Ken*** 202-225-4676
(Buck is newly-elected. He hasn’t opposed Boehner publicly but he was a Tea Party candidate.)
5 Lamborn, Doug*** 202-225-4422
(Lamborn voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Coffman, Mike 202-225-7882

No Republicans Elected in these two states

District # — Name — Phone
1 Miller, Jeff *** 202-225-4136
(Miller voted against the CRomnibus bill)
3 Yoho, Ted*** 202-225-5744
(Yoho voted against Boehner for Speaker in the last election)
4 Crenshaw, Ander*** 202-225-2501
(Crenshaw voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 DeSantis, Ron *** 202-225-2706
(DeSantis voted against the CRomnibus bill)
7 Mica, John 202-225-4035
8 Posey, Bill *** 202-225-3671
(Posey voted against the CRomnibus bill)
10 Webster, Daniel *** 202-225-2176
(Webster voted against the CRomnibus bill)
11 Nugent, Richard 202-225-1002
12 Bilirakis, Gus M. 202-225-5755
13 Jolly, David 202-225-5961
15 Ross, Dennis 202-225-1252
16 Buchanan, Vern 202-225-5015
17 Rooney, Tom 202-225-5792
19 Clawson,Curt *** 202-225-2536
(Clawson voted against the CRomnibus bill)
25 Diaz-Balart, Mario 202-225-4211
26 Curbelo, Carlos 202-225-2778
27 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana 202-225-3931

District # — Name — Phone
1 Carter, Buddy 202-225-5831
3 Westmoreland, Lynn A. 202-225-5901
6 Price, Tom 202-225-4501
7 Woodall, Robert 202-225-4272
8 Scott, Austin *** 202-225-6531
(Scott voted against the CRomnibus bill)
9 Collins, Doug 202-225-9893
10 Hice, Jody***. 202-225-4101
(Hice is newly-elected. He promised on the campaign trail to fire Boehner from his job as Speaker)
11 Loudermilk, Barry*** 202-225-2931
(Loudermilk is newly-elected. He voted against Boehner for speaker in a voice vote when caucasing)
12 Allen, Rick 202-225-2823
14 Graves, Tom 202-225-5211

No Republicans elected in this state.

District # — Name — Phone
1 Labrador, Raul R.*** 202-225-6611
(He is a Tea Party Leader and frequent critic of Boehner)
2 Simpson, Mike 202-225-5531

District # — Name — Phone
6 Roskam, Peter J. 202-225-4561
10 Dold, Robert 202-225-4835
12 Bost, Mike 202-225-5661
13 Davis, Rodney 202-225-2371
14 Hultgren, Randy 202-225-2976
15 Shimkus, John 202-225-5271
16 Kinzinger, Adam 202-225-3635
18 Schock, Aaron 202-225-6201

District # — Name — Phone
2 Walorski, Jackie 202-225-3915
3 Stutzman, Marlin*** 202-225-4436
(Stutzmanvoted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 Rokita, Todd 202-225-5037
5 Brooks, Susan W. 202-225-2276
6 Messer, Luke 202-225-3021
8 Bucshon, Larry 202-225-4636
9 Young, Todd 202-225-5315

District # — Name — Phone

1 Blum, Rod 202-225-2911
3 Young, David 202-225-5476
4 King, Steve *** 202-225-4426 (King is a staunch opponent of Amnesty. But, he’s undecided about opposing Boehner for Speaker.)

District # — Name — Phone
1 Huelskamp, Tim*** 202-225-2715
( Huelskamp previously voted against Boehner for Speaker. He also voted against the CRomnibus bill) )
2 Jenkins, Lynn 202-225-6601
3 Yoder, Kevin 202-225-2865
4 Pompeo, Mike *** 202-225-6216
(Pompeo voted against the CRomnibus bill)

District # — Name — Phone
1 Whitfield, Ed 202-225-3115
2 Guthrie, S. Brett 202-225-3501
4 Massie, Thomas*** 202-225-3465
( Massie previously voted against Boehner for Speaker)
5 Rogers, Harold 202-225-4601
6 Barr, Andy 202-225-4706

District # — Name — Phone
1 Scalise, Steve 202-225-3015
3 Boustany Charles 202-225-2031
4 Fleming, John *** 202-225-277
(Fleming voted against the CRomnibus bill)
5 Abraham, Ralph 202-225-8490
6 Graves, Garret 202-225-3901

District # — Name — Phone
2 Poliquin, Bruce 202-225-6306

District # — Name — Phone
1 Harris, Andy 202-225-5311

No Republicans elected in this state.

District # — Name — Phone
1 Benishek, Dan 202-225-4735
2 Huizenga, Bill 202-225-4401
3 Amash, Justin *** 202-225-3831
(Amash previously voted against Boehner for Speaker. He also voted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 Moolenaar, John 202-225-3561
6 Upton, Fred 202-225-3761
7 Walberg, Tim 202-225-6276
8 Bishop, Mike 202-225-4872
10 Miller, Candice 202-225-2106
11 Trott, Dave 202-225-8171

District # — Name — Phone
2 Kline, John 202-225-2271
3 Paulsen, Erik 202-225-2871
6 Emmer, Tom*** 202-225-2331
(Emmer is newly-elected, He represents a very Conservative district. But, he hasn’t made it clear if he will oppose Boehner)

District # — Name — Phone
1 Nunnelee, Alan 202-225-4306
3 Harper, Gregg 202-225-5031
4 Palazzo, Steven 202-225-5772

District # — Name — Phone
2 Wagner, Ann 202-225-1621
3 Luetkemeyer, Blaine 202-225-2956
4 Hartzler, Vicky 202-225-2876
6 Graves, Sam 202-225-7041
7 Long, Billy 202-225-6536
8 Smith, Jason 202-225-4404

District # — Name — Phone
At Large Zinke, Ryan 202-225-3211

District # — Name — Phone
1 Fortenberry, Jeff 202-225-4806
3 Smith, Adrian 202-225-6435

District # — Name — Phone
2 Amodei, Mark 202-225-6155
3 Heck, Joe 202-225-3252
4 Cresent, Hardy 202-225-9894

District # — Name — Phone
1 Guinta, Frank 202-225-5456

District # — Name — Phone
2 LoBiondo, Frank 202-225-6572
3 MacArthur, Tom 202-225-4765
4 Smith, Chris*** 202-225-3765
(Smith voted against the CRomnibus bill)
5 Garrett, Scott*** 202-225-4465
(Garrett voted against the CRomnibus bill)
7 Lance, Leonard 202-225-5361
11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney 202-225-5034

District # — Name — Phone
2 Pearce, Steve*** 202-225-2365
(He previously voted against Boehner for the speakership)

District # — Name — Phone
1 Zeldin, Lee 202-225-3826
2 King, Pete 202-225-7896
19 Gibson, Chris 202-225-5614
21 Stefanik, Elise 202-225-4611
22 Hanna, Richard 202-225-3665
23 Reed, Tom 202-225-3161
24 Katko, John 202-225-3701
27 Collins, Chris 202-225-5265

District # — Name — Phone
2 Ellmers, Renee 202-225-4531
3 Jones, Walter B.*** 202-225-3415
(He previously voted against Boehner for Speaker. Also, in November he said he will oppose Boehner again)
5 Foxx, Virginia 202-225-2071
6 Walker, Mark*** 202-225-3065
(Walker is newly elected. He promised on the campaign trail that he will fire Boehner as Speaker)
7 David, Rouzer 202-225-2731
8 Hudson, Richard 202-225-3715
9 Pittenger, Robert 202-225-1976
10 McHenry, Patrick T. 202-225-2576
11 Meadows, Mark*** 202-225-6401
(Meadows voted against the CRomnibus bill)
13 Holding, George 202-225-3032

District # — Name — Phone
At Large Cramer, Kevin 202-225-2611

District # — Name — Phone
1 Chabot, Steve 202-225-2216
2 Wenstrup, Brad 202-225-3164
4 Jordan, Jim*** 202-225-2676
(Jordan voted against the CRomnibus bill)
5 Latta, Robert E. 202-225-6405
6 Johnson, Bill 202-225-5705
7 Gibbs, Bob 202-225-6265
8 Boehner, John A. 202-225-6205
10 Turner, Michael 202-225-6465
12 Tiberi, Pat 202-225-5355
14 Joyce, David 202-225-5731
15 Stivers, Steve 202-225-2015
16 Renacci, Jim 202-225-3876

District # — Name — Phone
1 Bridenstine, Jim*** 202-225-2211
(He previously voted against Boehner for Speaker. He also voted against the CRomnibus bil)
2 Mullin, Markwayne 202-225-2701
3 Lucas, Frank 202-225-5565
4 Cole, Tom 202-225-6165
5 Russell, Steve 202-225-2132

District # — Name — Phone
2 Walden, Greg 202-225-6730

District # — Name — Phone
3 Kelly, Mike 202-225-5406
4 Perry, Scott*** 202-225-5836
(Perry voted against the CRomnibus bill)
5 Thompson, Glenn 202-225-5121
6 Costello, Ryan 202-225-4315
7 Meehan, Pat 202-225-2011
8 Fitzpatrick, Michael G. 202-225-4276
9 Shuster, Bill 202-225-2431
10 Marino, Tom 202-225-3731
11 Barletta, Lou 202-225-6511
12 Rothfus, Keith 202-225-2065
15 Dent, Charles W. 202-225-6411
16 Pitts, Joseph R. 202-225-2411
18 Murphy, Tim 202-225-2301

No Republicans elected in this state.

District # — Name — Phone
1 Sanford, Mark*** 202-225-3176
(Sanford voted against the CRomnibus bill)
2 Wilson, Joe 202-225-2452
3 Duncan, Jeff*** 202-225-5301
(Duncan voted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 Gowdy, Trey*** 202-225-6030
(Gowdy voted against the CRomnibus bill)
5 Mulvaney, Mick*** 202-225-550
(He is a Tea Party leader and frequent critic of Boehner. He also voted against the CRomnibus bill)
7 Rice, Tom*** 202-225-9895
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)

District # — Name — Phone
At Large Noem, Kristi 202-225-2801

District # — Name — Phone
1 Roe, Phil 202-225-6356
2 Duncan, John*** 202-225-5435
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
3 Fleischmann, Chuck 202-225-3271
4 DesJarlais, Scott*** 202-225-6831
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Black, Diane 202-225-4231
7 Blackburn, Marsha*** 202-225-2811
(She voted against the CRomnibus bill)
8 Fincher, Stephen 202-225-4714

District # — Name — Phone
1 Gohmert, Louie*** 202-225-3035
(JUST ANNOUNCED HE’S RUNNING FOR SPEAKER; He previously voted against Boehner for Speaker, and in November he said he will vote against him again. He also voted against the CRomnibus bill)
2 Poe, Ted*** 202-225-6565
(Poe voted against the CRomnibus bill)
3 Johnson, Sam*** 202-225-4201
( He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
4 Ratcliffe, John***. 202-225-6673
( He was newly-elected, He was supported by Tea Party Express during the election. Currently, he is undecided about voting for Boehner.)
5 Hensarling, Jeb 202-225-3484
6 Barton, Joe*** 202-225-2002
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
7 Culberson, John 202-225-2571
8 Brady, Kevin 202-225-4901
10 McCaul, Michael T. 202-225-2401
11 Conaway, K. Michael*** 202-225-3605
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
12 Granger, Kay 202-225-5071
13 Thornberry, Mac 202-225-3706
14 Weber, Randy*** 202-225-2831
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
17 Flores, Bill*** 202-225-6105
He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
19 Neugebauer, Randy*** 202-225-4005
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
21 Smith, Lamar *** 202-225-4236
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
22 Olson, Pete*** 202-225-5951
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
23 Hurd, Will 202-225-4511
24 Marchant, Kenn*** 202-225-6605
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
25 Williams, Roger*** 202-225-9896
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
26 Burgess, Michael*** 202-225-7772
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
27 Farenthold, Blake*** 202-225-7742
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
31 Carter, John 202-225-3864
32 Sessions, Pete 202-225-2231
36 Babin, Brian 202-225-1555

District # — Name — Phone
1 Bishop, Rob 202-225-0453
2 Stewart, Chris 202-225-9730
3 Chaffetz, Jason 202-225-7751
4 Love, Mia 202-225-3011

No Republicans elected in this state.

District # — Name — Phone
1 Wittman, Robert J*** 202-225-4261
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
2 Rigell, Scott 202-225-4215
4 Forbes, J. Randy 202-225-6365
5 Hurt, Robert*** 202-225-4711
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Goodlatte, Bob 202-225-5431
7 Brat, Dave*** 202-225-2815
(He is newly-elected. He adamantly opposed amnesty when campaigning against Cantor)
9 Griffith, Morgan*** 202-225-3861
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
10 Comstock, Barbara 202-225-5136

District # — Name — Phone
3 Herrera Beutler, Jaime 202-225-3536
4 Newhouse, Dan 202-225-5816
5 McMorris Rodgers, Cathy 202-225-2006
8 Reichert, David G. 202-225-7761

District # — Name — Phone
1 McKinley, David *** 202-225-4172
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
2 Mooney, Alex 202-225-2711
3 Jenkins, Evan 202-225-3452

District # — Name — Phone
1 Ryan, Paul 202-225-3031
5 Senbrenner, F. James*** 202-225-5101
(He voted against the CRomnibus bill)
6 Grothman, Glenn*** 202-225-2476
(He is newly-elected and has been hinting at possibly voting for new leadership)
7 Duffy, Sean P. 202-225-3365
8 Ribble, Reid 202-225-5665

District # — Name — Phone
At Large Lummis, Cynthia M.*** 202-225-2311
(She voted against the CRomnibus bill)

You can do this, team!  Two big races in the first two weeks of January!  Let’s get going!

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Jan 7: Rinaldi vs Villalba on Turner vs Straus

Posted December 31st, 2014 by Julie


Matt Rinaldi vs. Jason Villalba on the Texas Speaker’s Race

As you likely know, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is being challenged by Rep. Scott Turner.  Even in Tarrant County, our State Reps who used to be united on this vote are now divided.  Reps. Stickland, Krause, Zedler, Klick and Tinderholt all support the challenger, while Reps. Capriglione and Goldman have switched sides this session to support the incumbent.

What are the issues?  What is right for Texas?  Come find out!

Already know your choice?  Come support your team!


For incumbent Joe Straus:  Jason Villalba

For challenger Scott Turner:  Matt Rinaldi

Moderator:  Mark Davis

Wednesday, January 7, at 7pm

Southern Methodist University, Hughes-Trigg Student Center

3140 Dyer, Dallas TX  75275

This event will be live-streamed, and a link will be posted here when available.  But being there in person to show support is important.  Join us if you can!

An event page has been created on Facebook.  If you are planning to attend, please click here to rsvp.  An rsvp is not required, but it is helpful for promoting the event.



Truitt 121310

NETTP outside State Rep Vicki Truitt’s office protesting her vote for Joe Straus — of course, we ousted her for it!



bedford 121310

NETTP outside State Rep Todd Smith’s office protesting his vote for Joe Straus — hmm… he’s gone too!




NETTP joined with patriots across the state to pray while the Speaker vote was actually happening (in caucus). Prayers continue until we have a fair Speaker who represents the people of Texas well.

2014 Survey Results

Posted December 27th, 2014 by Julie

survey says


Big thank yous to all those who participated in our recent survey.  Your answers were completely anonymous.  Here’s what you’re telling us…

  • Some of you are involved in every way possible — meetings, emails, facebook, twitter.  Others do one but not the others.  So we have different audiences, and that’s great.  It really expands our reach.
  • 82% of you support Scott Turner for Speaker of the Texas House.  Not one soul supports Joe Straus, though a small handful said they’d just trust whatever their Rep decides.
  • 65% think any Rep who votes for Joe Straus should be replaced – no excuses.  28% don’t like it, but will watch what the Rep accomplishes during the rest of the session before making a decision about replacing the Rep.
  • We deliberately did not give you options to choose from in listing what our priorities should be because we didn’t want to influence your input.  There were lots of great ideas, but far and away the #1 priority is immigration and border control.  Nothing else even came close.  Next concern was open carry, followed by a conservative budget, and then education fixes.
  • Y’all shared some ideas for guest speakers and want to hear from Ted Cruz, Presidential candidates, and statewide elected officials like Abbott, Patrick and Paxton.  We’ll see what we can do!
  • You were very generous with your accolades for our group, and we appreciate that!  You love our leadership team, our communication, the way we keep you informed/educated on key issues, and how organized our group is.  Thank you!  That means a lot and motivates us to carry on!
  • Of course every group could use some improvement.  You’d like to see us grow, find a permanent location, and offer more ways to volunteer.  (We have to admit that last one is frustrating — we’re always begging for volunteers!!!).  But the growth and location… we’re working on it.  :-)  Lots of plans for the new year!  Suggestions are welcome!
  • And about that growth…  90% of you think it’s a good idea for us to expand our influence.  Nearly 50% of you will help that effort financially.  Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!  We’ll be doing some fundraising this year, and we’ll share more about that with you soon.

For now, enjoy this festive time of year, and be ready to kick things into full gear come January!  Again, big thank yous to all who participated in our survey.  We don’t know who did or did not take the time to do so, but we appreciate you!

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April 13: TX Public Policy Foundation

Posted December 18th, 2014 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting

 Speaker:  Texas Public Policy Foundation

Monday, April 13

4:30pm – Prayer meeting (all welcome)

5:45pm – $5 dinner served at 5:45pm (no rsvp necessary)

6:30-8:00pm – meeting time

Brookside Center, 1244 Brookside Dr, Hurst, TX 76053

Our meetings are free of charge and open to all. 

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This Is About A Movement, Not One Vote

Posted December 11th, 2014 by Julie

[This is an editorial that NETTP President Julie McCarty felt obligated to share.]


It’s been over a month since Rep. Giovanni Capriglione dropped his bombshell on NE Tarrant Tea Party, telling us he would be supporting Joe Straus for Speaker of the House, but the outrage and questions have not died down.

Just today I received this email from one of our members.  He allowed me to share it but requested to remain anonymous:

I am about to give up on the speaker of the house and all the others.
Why do I vote in the first place.
I do not see anything  we can do to change things. They are doing everything they desire and we get nothing.
NETTP Member

This email is not unique.  I get several like this every day.  I’ve been told that Gio claims he’s received less than 20 complaints about his decision.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I scrolled through my emails to see how many I’ve received… and I quit counting at about 150.

The email I shared above speaks volumes.  It explains why this situation is about  more than one vote Gio takes…  why the anger isn’t subsiding… why we must keep talking about this.  And the answer to all those “why” questions is because this one vote has revealed to us that even those we trust often betray us.  We’ve learned that no matter how hard we try, we continue to get slapped in the face.  This “one vote” has caused devoted patriots to lose hope, feel defeated, and give up.  The sentiment seems to be, “If even Gio can turn on us, who can we trust?  If every victory turns into a betrayal, why bother?”

Oh, if I could only speak to each of you one on one and tell you the stories that this one person’s decision has brought about…  The tension between State Reps who used to be one solid, cohesive group.  The activists who are now fighting because frankly, they just don’t know what to think about one of our own turning on us.  Some cannot bear to accept it and are fighting to support him, while others have decided we have no choice but to cut ties and move on.

I want so desperately for all of you to understand that this is about a movement, not a vote.  It’s about friendship, teamwork, encouragement, trust, and forward-moving momentum.Is it possible for one man’s vote on one issue to destroy all that?

The answer is an obvious yes.  Sadly, it is possible, and it is taking place as we speak.  But the answer is also no, and I’ll get to that later.  But first…

Gio has been busy meeting with Precinct Chairs and other activists to explain his decision.  He’s quite good at it.  You might walk into a meeting livid with Gio, and walk out saying, “Ok, I don’t like it, but he makes some sense.”  Here are my thoughts on why that doesn’t work with me…


“Gio is our friend, he’s on our side, and we should just trust him to do the right thing even if we don’t understand it.”

He’s smarter than we are,” I’ve even heard said.  Can I just say that I will never blindly trust ANY representative?  If I did, it wouldn’t make me much of an activist, would I? NETTP has spent nearly six years training our group to NOT blindly trust, so please don’t start now!


“It’s just one vote… let it go.” 

As I explained above, it’s about much more than just one vote.  First of all, the one vote determines the agenda for the entire rest of the session.  Second of all, the vote has far-reaching repercussions way beyond who the Speaker will be.

This is an effort we’ve been working on for 3 sessions now (6 years).  Each year, we grow our numbers and add momentum.  We knew it was a long-term game, not something we’d win right away.  But this year, we’ve lost numbers.  Instead of building momentum, we’re moving backward.  Instead of adding to our numbers, we are splintering — both as grassroots activists and within our coalition of conservative State Reps.

It is not about “one vote” — it is about our entire movement.


“He’s still Gio.  We still have a conservative legislator for District 98.”

Um, how selfish is that?  As activists, we must look at the statewide repercussions.  As citizens of Tarrant County — the most conservative county in Texas — we have a responsibility to set the pace for the entire state.

Gio knows this.  He knows he is a leader.  He knew when he defected from our efforts he would take large numbers of other, weaker Reps with him.  He denies all this, but Gio is not a naive man — he knew it would happen.  And I know he knew it because other State Reps warned him about it and pleaded with him not to go through with it.


“Gio will still vote conservatively.”

Well, I guess that’s easy to do when very little conservative legislation will be allowed to the floor for a vote!  How do we calculate the value of the conservative bills that Gio will now NOT get to vote on?


“Turner is not qualified.”  “Turner is only using this as a stepping stone.”  “Turner did not ask me if he could run.”

Gee, given those statements, Gio has no moral choice but to vote for Straus, right?  [That’s sarcasm.]

Let me put it this way…

If I ran a family business and needed to fill a management position, who would I hire?  Let’s say I have two options.

The first is an in-law.  He doesn’t really like the rest of the family.  He does have more experience with the job, but upon investigating that experience, it’s discovered that he is known to cheat, lie and manipulate to get his way.  He tends to run the business like a mafia boss.  He’s a bully.

The second option is the younger brother.  No, he doesn’t have much experience, and you’re not sure why he even wants the job.  He never told us he wanted the job, and when he put in his application, he didn’t ask Mom first.  You suspect he might be hoping to go out into the world on his own later.  But you do know he shares the company’s vision, and he’s also got a lot of integrity and a strong faith… plus the support of some of your most trusted friends!

The choice of who to promote is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Straus is the in-law; Turner is the younger brother.  I would go with the younger brother and commit heart and soul to working with him so he could be the best he could be.  I’d stay by his side, coach him when I could, encourage him, and help him build a solid team so that the whole family wins.

I certainly wouldn’t abandon him because he didn’t ask my permission first!


“But Gio says Straus isn’t really that bad after all.”

This is the one that shocks me the most.  I don’t even know what to say to this.  There are long lists of things Straus has done to hurt conservatives.  His go-to guys have vowed to kill all conservative legislation this session.  His lieutenants have sent emails literally cursing us behind our backs.  And now all of the sudden we’re to believe Straus is pro-life, very qualified, is not at fault for any of the conservative bills being blocked, and plays by the rules??? Oh, come on.  Any leader parroting this crap (and some in NE Tarrant are) needs to have his/her position revoked.

As for Straus being pro-life — don’t believe it.  There is a reason the #1 abortion group (NARAL) has given him a 100% rating!  Look at the facts, not the rhetoric.  Or as we say during campaigns, always look at the candidate’s record!


“There is no race.”

Hogwash!  There are two candidates — there IS a race.  And if Gio hadn’t defected from the conservative team, there’d be a pretty strong contest.  When Gio tells you there is no race, it’s because HE refused to participate, choosing to play with the enemy and deny his supporters instead of finding ways to help out and make the most of the ONE conservative that stepped up to run.


“Julie, you’re being too tough on Gio.”

I have heard this from 3 or 4 of you, and more of you might be thinking the same, who knows?  Please recognize that NE Tarrant Tea Party is one of the largest and most active tea parties in the state.  We are very well respected (feared) in Austin.  Our group is sought out by anyone wanting to run for office.  We’ve even gained national recognition for our efforts here and there.  And tea parties around the country come to us wanting to know how to replicate what we do.  In other words, we are setting a standard.  If we — the most conservative county in the most conservative state in the nation — give a pass to our own State Rep on a vote as key as this one, what message does that send to State Reps in other, less conservative areas?  “If Gio can get away with it in THAT district, so can I!  Why should I bear the burden if he’s not?”  Again, we must think outside of just our own district.  We have a responsibility to the whole state.  Remember, this is about a movement, not just about one vote.


So I said I would get back to the “no” answer to my first question…  Is it possible for one man’s vote to destroy all we’ve built?  NO!  Not if we don’t let it.

Folks, I know it’s discouraging.  We’ve been disillusioned.  We put our faith, time and money into someone we thought we could trust to fight for us, and he let us down.  Shoot — I even brought him into my church!  Who can we count on?  Who will let us down next?

You know what?  I don’t know!  Chances are, someone will!  But that does not change me or you, and it does not change what is right or what is wrong.

I was called to this fight.  I do not do it because I love politics or because I have nothing better to do.  I do it as a service to my God, to my family, to my state and to my country.  I hope your motivation is the same.  If it is, you must continue.

My family recently visited Boston and Philadelphia, and we studied about our Founding Fathers.  None of us have risked like they did.  None of us have suffered like they did.  None of us have faced the discouragement and fear they did.  If they could keep going, so can we.  We must, or they did all that for nothing.  And then shame on us.  We become no better than those who have let us down.

If you would like to contact Representative Giovanni Capriglione about his support for Joe Straus for Speaker of the House, you may do so by calling (817)431-5339 or by clicking here to send an email.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Joe Straus, please click here.  You can also click here to hear a short video on how a vote for Straus goes against a core tenet of NE Tarrant Tea Party, the Rule of Law.

The vote for Speaker is on January 13.  We may lose the vote, but we will fight until the very end.  And either way, we will continue after that vote to work closely with our State Reps (yes, including Gio) to get as much conservative legislation passed as possible.


The more things change, the more they stay the same…