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Candidate Forum for Grapevine and Colleyville

Posted April 3rd, 2015 by Julie

Thank you to the candidates who participated in our annual forum for Grapevine and Colleyville candidates.  We also thank the volunteers who helped host this event.

Check out these links to the forum videos and be an informed voter!


Early Voting Begins: Monday, April 27th, 2015

Early Voting Ends: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Election Day: Saturday, May 9th, 2015



Running for place 1:

Mark Assaad

Kathleen Thompson

Mindy McClure

Running for place 2:

Becky St. John

Jesse Hoffman

Colleyville City Council:

Running for place 6:

Mike Taylor

Bobby Lindamood Jr.

Running for place 5:

Elizabeth Zeitlin

Nancy Coplen

Grapevine City Council:

Marc Blum

C. Shane Wilbanks

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March 31: Candidate Forum for Grapevine and Colleyville

Posted March 23rd, 2015 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party is hosting our annual forum for all Grapevine and Colleyville candidates, including school board and city council. Please join us for this opportunity to hear answers to the questions that matter most.

Time: 6:30-8pm for formal questioning

8:00-8:30pm for audience Q & A

Location: Stacy’s Furniture, 900 South Main St. in Grapevine 76051. Please take the elevator up to the third floor.

Cost: Free!

Open to the public.

All GCISD, Colleyville City Council and Grapevine City Council candidates are invited.  Candidates listed with asterisks by their names have confirmed that they will be attending.


Running for place 1:

Mark Assaad*

Kathleen Thompson

Mindy McClure*

Running for place 2:

Becky St. John*

Jesse Hoffman*

Colleyville City Council:

Running for place 6:

Mike Taylor*

Bobby Lindamood Jr.*

Running for place 5:

Elizabeth Zeitlin*

Nancy Coplen*

Grapevine City Council:

Marc Blum*

C. Shane Wilbanks – declined due to previous commitment

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March 14: KrisAnne Hall Roots of Liberty Seminar

Posted March 19th, 2015 by Julie

She’s back! KrisAnne Hall is widely recognized as our best speaker ever. In the six years we have been meeting, we have identified her as THE number one speaker we have ever had! We are excited to have her present part of her Roots of Liberty seminar. Do not miss this meeting! ~ Julie McCarty, NETTP President

NE Tarrant Tea Party meeting

March 14, 2016

4:30pm: Prayer meeting (all welcome)

5:45pm: $5 dinner served

6:30-8:30pm: Guest Speaker – KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Educator

Note the extra half hour for this special guest!

Grand Hall at NRH Centre, 6000 Hawk Avenue, North Richland Hills 76180

Our meetings are free of charge and open to all!


About KrisAnne Hall:


KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to TEA Party groups – she would not sacrifice liberty for a paycheck. She is a disabled veteran of the US Army, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot.  She now travels the country and teaches the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents.

KrisAnne Hall does not just teach the Constitution, she lays the foundations that show how reliable and relevant our founding documents are today.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College in 1991 and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law and is a former Russian Linguist for the US Army.  KrisAnne worked for several years as a state prosecutor and two years with a prominent law firm defending religious liberty and first amendment rights.  KrisAnne now resides in North Florida with her husband Chris (a pastor and former foreign language instructor for the US Navy) and her adopted son Colton.

Author of Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming Our Constitution, and the DVD series The Roots of Liberty: The Historic Foundations of The Bill of Rights and Bedtime Stories for Budding Patriots and Essential Stories for Junior Patriots. Two books that inspired KrisAnne’s love for our history were Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis and 1776 by David McCollough.

Awarded the Freedom Fighter award by Americans for Prosperity, the Certificate of Achievement from the Sons of the Revolution for her defense of Liberty, and Congressman James Blair Award for Defending the Constitution.

KrisAnne is an incredibly passionate speaker – a true Patrick Henry of our time.  She speaks to audiences all across the country on Constitutional History, American Exceptionalism, and the Fight for Liberty.  Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and she is able to inspire any group.  A steadfast warrior in the Tea Party battle.

2015 Municipal Elections

Posted March 19th, 2015 by Julie

Early Voting Begins: Monday, April 27th, 2015
Early Voting Ends: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Election Day: Saturday, May 9th, 2015

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Grassroots Activists in Action!

Posted March 16th, 2015 by Fran

NETTP’s Liaisons and Citizen Lobbyists have been busy representing NE Tarrant Tea Party locally, and throughout the State.  Here’s a summary of what’s been happening:

 Hurst City Council                                                             Liaison: Dave Thompson

Liaison David Thompson has been attending the Hurst City Council meetings.  He says that Council meetings have been conducted very professionally, and he’s been greeted very politely and treated cordially.  He has been surprised at the very low presence of spectators – few to none.  This means “uninformed citizens”, a situation which we can work to overcome.

The City Council is very pleased with the economic situation in Hurst, the new businesses being opened, the taxes coming in, and concerned with keeping the  City a pleasant and good place to live.  And, they are concerned with Citizen feed-back.

EMS and Fire departments are running smoothly with lots of calls, and supplied with new equipment when they ask for it.  EMS has asked for updated and upgraded cardiac monitors for about $90K which will transmit more info online to the receiving hospital.

The Council has discussed spending $92K on a spillway project for the Chisholm Park Dam Spillway. which seems like a long-shot and probably won’t even be used.  But the City seems to think it’s needed.

Hurst sent out a “Citizen Survey” and received over 750 responses back from residents.  Results were generally quite positive.  91% rate quality of life in Hurst as excellent or good.  Only 76% feel safe or very safe.  This means nearly 1 out of 4 doesn’t feel safe.

Euless City Council                                                                                          Liaison: Darl Easton

In Euless, Darl Easton has reviewed the Adopted Budget Document that is available online and reported numerous errors to the City Staff.    While most have been corrected it goes to show a lack of managerial oversight prior to the document being approved.

As our Liaison to Euless City, Darl has lobbied Euless City Council for a long time to tape the Council meetings, and his diligent efforts have paid off.  The City Council has finally taken the necessary steps to live stream the Regular City Council meetings on the City’s website and to archive them for viewing later as well.  However, he is still pressuring the Council to audio tape the Pre-Council work sessions and make the audio available along with the Pre-Council presentation slides.

If any Euless residents would like to help persuade the Council please let Darl know.  He is also recording the PreCouncil meeting and making it available on his YouTube account.  Links are available at:   It is important to increase viewership to convince the Council that citizens will take the time to learn more about the City.  So if you live in Euless – click on the link and view the video so they’ll know it’s working and worth it!

A link to the YouTube channel:

Colleyville City Council                                                            Liaison: David Medlin

David Medline reports from Colleyville City Council that there has been an ongoing issue with regard to highway 26, through Colleyville. It’s a long story, but essentially they were getting ready for the state and city to reconstruct a segment of Colleyville blvd, from a 4 lane, plus continuous turn lane to a 4 lane with a median which would at that point be 3 lanes wide. It takes about 40 million to go from 4 lanes to 4 lanes.   The plan was if and when it was needed they could tear out the inner parts of the median and add a third lane. Since the City was already at the 95th percentile of traffic on four lane divided highways in Texas, it made no sense to go through construction twice. Some thought better to get it over with and do six lanes. It was an uphill battle but Councilman Chris Putnam came through with flying colors and helped convince the Council that the expanded lanes should be done now.

In December TEXDOT was requested to build out to six lanes as originally designed. In return the city would participate in the turn back program. This means TEXDOT will end up paying most of this, and then turning it back over to the city. It will be under the city control, we will also have to take care of the maintenance and eventual reconstruction many years into the future.

There was also a grass roots effort behind the scenes to get business owners to sponsor petitions that basically called for doing six lanes now, or wait until TEXDOT says it’s needed. Natalie Genco, Elizabeth Zeitlin (candidate for Council), Bobby Lindamood (candidate for Council ), and a couple other businesses helped with writing and recruiting these businesses.   After an hour of debate and discussion, the vote carried by unanimous ayes from the Council.

In the pre council meeting Council Putnam had invited the Tarrant Region Water District to present. He asked pointed questions about the oil and gas well money they receive (50mil) currently going to economic development in Fort Worth rather than reduce the costs to all their customers.

Dr. Michael Burgess – U.S. House District 26                                            Liaison: Fran Rhodes

Fran Rhodes, Liaison to Congressman Michael Burgess and Sally Griggs had a good meeting with Congressman Burgess recently.  They thanked him for recent votes (Not funding Executive Amnesty, Opposing the ExIm Bank, the CR Omnibus Bill) and talked a bit about several issues.

Obamacare:  Dr. Burgess is doing whatever he can think of to stop it.  Repeal is his first choice, but doesn’t think that’s going to happen.  He says we need to push the Senate to vote on repeal and go after Dem Senators who are up for re-election soon, getting them on record, and reminding them that in 2014 several Senators were voted out purely because of their support of Obamacare.  Meanwhile, he says they are working on smaller portions to try to fix the most egregious aspects of it.

Em Im Bank:  He is generally opposed to renewing the charter and agrees that it is basically corporate welfare.  He thinks there is a good chance of ending it this summer

Budget:  He made an interesting statement… “you can’t exercise the power of the purse if you don’t appropriate”  The recent pattern of using CR’s and Omnibus bills does not allow the appropriation process.  I asked how do we get back to it and he said he thinks Speaker Boehner will go there eventually.

Border Control/Amnesty:  It’s an ongoing situation, and they are trying to not fund it.  They are concerned about the issue of the HS using Fees to do what they will, and not dependent on Congressional funding.  He believes Congress should act to change the ambiguity of that fee system so that fees are not considered slush funds for the Administration to do whatever they want with it.  (Since this meeting – the vote was taken to fully fund DHS, and Congressman Burgess voted No.)

Fran asked how NETTP could help him achieve goals on which we are aligned, and help him stand against Leadership when the need calls for it.  He said that expressions of support are very meaningful to him personally.  He realizes there will be times when he will not vote the way we want him to, but he always wants to know our position.  He used the TARP bill as an example in 2008.  He was personally against it, even though the Republican President was pushing for it.  He said it really helped him to cast that no vote, going against House Leadership and the President because the calls to his office had been over 4,000 to zero opposed to it.  So he knew the constituents were with him.  He also does not mind hearing from people who do not live in his District.

Shortly after that meeting, Fran contacted Dr. Burgess’s office to ask how he would vote on HR 5 (Student Success Bill).  He phoned her personally to talk about it.  He believes that it is not the Education bill that is needed at this time, but he thought that with proper amendments, it would be at least better than what we have now (No Child Left Behind).   He seemed to be inclined to vote for it, if the proposed amendments were adopted.  However, the bill was pulled before the vote, due to overwhelming grassroots opposition.

Kay Grainger – U.S. House District 12                                                Liaison: Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence, our Liaison to Congresswoman Kay Granger made the trip to her Fort Worth office recently and officially introduced himself to her Director of Outreach. He also sent her a followup email and both in person and in the email told her about the August 10th town hall meeting with NETTP.   So far, they have not responded to that invitation.  Steven will be working towards a personal meeting with Mrs. Grainger sometime in the near future.

 Stephanie Klick – Texas House District 91                            Liaison: Andrea Vargas

Andrea Vargas recently spoke with Amber Ray who is Rep. Klick’s District Director.  She seems very politically savvy and has worked for various candidates for a number of years in Tarrant County.  She has a lot of experience.

Representative Klick has two committee assignments:  Pension Committee and Health Services Committee.  The Health Services Committee appears to be the most relevant of the two for the time being.  Although there is a public hearing Monday for the Employee Retirement System, Teachers, etc. that the Pension Committee is holding.

Representative Klick  has also introduced Bill 892 relating to the medical use of low- THC cannabis and the regulation of related organizations and individuals.  The bill is intended for patients with intractable seizures ONLY.  The amount of THC is 0.05 (which is a very small amount), that is to be administered by a method other than by smoking.  It requires licensing, registration and fees.   It is very specific and self-limiting.


Citizen Lobbyists:11071550_10206369469026267_5960008505556517961_n

The Citizen Lobbyist Team has been gearing up for the 84th Legislative Session.  A training session was held on Jan. 24, attended by 16 people including a few of the Liaisons.  Small groups have also made several trips to Austin recently.  The first was to attend the opening session on Jan 13, and then trips were made on Feb. 11, where they attended and testified at the Committee on State Affairs regarding two Second Amendment Bills;  and March 11, when they attended the Transportation Committee in support of SB 444 which would prevent private entities to use eminent domain to take property for toll roads.  In addition to attending the meeting, lobbyists called on the offices of all of the Transportation Committee members, as well as several other Representatives and Senators.

Research Captains have also been assigned to research and follow bills on the 7 Legislative Priorities that NETTP has established for this Session of the Legislature.  Research Captains let us know what’s happening when, on certain bills that NETTP is interested in and identified as legislative priority.   We could still use 2 or 3 more Research Captains.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Fran Rhodes at

The next trip will be March 23, where NETTP will participate in a “Toll Free Texas” Rally on the Capital steps, sponsored by TURF and several other grassroots organizations.   The day includes special speakers (including the Governor!), box lunches, and a T shirt to commemorate the day’s events.  There will also be assignments to call on legislators throughout the day in support of reducing toll roads in Texas, and finding funding measures that make more sense for the citizens of the State.  Car pools are being organized and if you’d like to go (you don’t have to be a designated Citizen Lobbyist – anyone is welcome), please contact Fran Rhodes at

The Citizen Lobbyist program is a great way to get involved, have a direct impact on legislative happenings in Austin, and learn more about State Government.  And it only happens once every 2 years, for about 4 or 5 months!  It’s an easy volunteer assignment with great rewards.  Besides that….  it’s just FUN.  Think about joining up!

Want to be a part of real grassroots activism in action?  Volunteer to be a Liaison by contacting Joe Deal,, or join our Citizen Lobbyist group by contacting Fran Rhodes,  One person really can make a difference!

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Apr 11: BBQ Cookoff with Allen West

Posted February 28th, 2015 by Julie

cook off logo

NE Tarrant Tea Party PAC


Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen West

are ready for some

mouth-waterin’ BBQ and boot-scootin’ fun!

Are you?  Join us!

Saturday, April 11, 5:30 (reception) or 6:30 (main event)

Festivities include:

  • BBQ cook-off (meat, beans, desserts)
  • Live country band and dance floor
  • Fun games like horseshoes, washers and corn hole
  • Program featuring Lt. Col. (ret.) Allen West and other special guests
  • VIP reception includes hors d’oeuvres, mingling and professional photo with Allen West
  • Interaction with the BEST patriots in Tarrant County

But truly… more important than any of that… 

this event supports the NE Tarrant Tea Party PAC!




Who will be there besides Allen West?

The list for guests of honor grows all the time!  So far, we have RSVPs from:

  • State Representative Matt Rinaldi
  • State Representative Giovanni Capriglione
  • State Representative Jonathan Stickland
  • State Representative Matt Krause
  • State Senator Kelly Hancock
  • Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller
  • Lt Governor Dan Patrick
  • Radio host Grant Stinchfield
  • NFL star Chad Henning
  • Radio host Jacki Pick
  • Texas Rangers star Rusty Greer
  • Conservative watchdog Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans
  • Worldwide Memory Champion Ron White
  • The Blaze’s Robin Walensky


Can I purchase tickets by mail?

Sorry – tickets are sold out!


Can I donate money without going to the event?

Of course!  Every bit helps!  Send your check to the address above along with your occupation and employer (required by law).


What does the money go towards?

All money raised through ticket sales and donations goes 100% to NETTP PAC.  It does not go to Allen West or any of the sponsors.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No.  Everyone is welcome as long as they purchase a ticket.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Due to limited parking at the residence, complimentary shuttle/valet service has been generously donated by Elizabeth Zeitlin, candidate for Colleyville City Council.  Guests of Honor should drive up to the house at 204 White Drive, Colleyville.  Their vehicles will be valeted.  Guests with tickets for the VIP Reception and General Admission should park at Pleasant Run Park,  6501 Pleasant Run Park, Colleyville. Shuttles will run back and forth from the park to the venue.  You’ll find a volunteer with a sign indicating where to pick up the shuttle.  Please plan accordingly to allow time to park and take the shuttle to the event!


What can/can’t I bring to the event?

Bring yourself, friends and family.  Feel free to bring a camera.  Please, no food or drink brought into the event.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?



What is the refund policy?

All tickets are non-refundable.  If you find you cannot use your ticket, please find someone to give or sell it to.


Do I get to meet Allen West?

You are guaranteed to meet Allen West if you purchase a VIP Reception ticket.  Otherwise, it’s hard to say.  Maybe, maybe not.  But you’ll definitely get to hear him speak.


A live band?  Cool!  Who is it?

Will Hobbs & The Cropdusters will play country hits from the 70s and 80s.  You can listen to a short clip of their cover of Livin’ on Tulsa Time by clicking here.  The band is generously donated by Mark Assaad, candidate for Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Board.  And yes, there is a dance floor.  Wear your boots!


Is there a dress code for this event?

Come as you are, but country western attire is more fun!


How does the Cook-Off work?

There are five categories being judged:  chicken, ribs, brisket, beans, and dessert.  And there are two awards per category —  the People’s Choice Award and the Dignitaries Award.  All guests will have the opportunity to eat, but only judges get to sample all of the options.


What are the prizes for the Cook-Off?

Dignitaries: autographed trophies for Grand Champion and 2nd Place in the meat category; autographed trophies for 1st place in beans and in dessert; NETTP tshirts for 2nd place in beans and in dessert. (Note: only contestants entering all 3 meats are eligible for the dignitaries trophy of Grand Champion or 2nd place).

People’s Choice:  trophies for all places in the 3 meat categories; trophies for 1st place in beans and in desserts; NETTP tshirts for 2nd place in beans and in desserts.

All trophies are generously sponsored by Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.


Can I be a judge?

To be a judge for the People’s Choice Award, you buy a $45 ticket instead of a $40.  That puts your name in the drawing to be a judge.  Four people will be randomly selected to be People’s Choice judges.

Judges for the Dignitaries Awards will be Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, Lt Governor Dan Patrick, and Lt. Col. Allen West.


How do I sign up to compete in the cookoff?



What is required of those who compete in the cookoff? 

For the meat competition, each cook needs to bring:

  • 6 full chickens
  • 6 racks of ribs
  • 2 briskets
  • OR, if you prefer not to enter all three meats, you may choose one or two categories.  The quantity required is the same, but you will only be eligible for the People’s Choice trophy, not the Dignitaries trophy

For the beans or dessert competitions, bring enough to serve 40.

When plating for judges, entries need to plan to serve as follows:

  • 1 rib
  • 1 slice of brisket
  • 1 chunk (enough to taste) of chicken
  • 1 small serving of beans (enough to taste)
  • 1 small serving of dessert (enough to taste)
  • This will be served to 3 dignitary judges and 5 people’s choice judges
  • Judges will be identifiable with wrist bands.

When plating for all other guests, entries need to plan to serve as follows:

  • any combination of meat up to 2 ribs, 2 slices brisket, a chunk of chicken
  • one serving of beans
  • one serving of one dessert
  • guests will turn in meal tickets for meat, beans and dessert (3 tickets per person)

Meat contestants receive a general admission ticket for free.  Smokers fire up at noon; guests eat at 6:30.  Any prep work needing to be done prior to noon should be done before arriving.

When arriving with trailers, plan to bring your smallest as the curve into the driveway can be cumbersome.  Alternatively, the trailer can be unhitched and pulled down the driveway manually.


Is this an outdoor event?  What if it rains?  Should I bring seating?

If it rains, the show still goes on!  The food will be moved to the barn, tents will go up, and there is room inside the house as well.

Tables and chairs will be provided; no need to bring any.  These are generously sponsored by State Representative Jonathan Stickland.


Will alcohol be served?

VIP ticket holders get 2 free drink tickets.  General Admission ticket holders get 1 free drink ticket.  Additional drinks can be purchased for $3 each.  The bartender and bar has been generously donated by Bobby Lindamood, Jr., candidate for Colleyville City Council Place 6.


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Weekly Texas Legislature Updates from a Conservative Perspective

Posted February 28th, 2015 by Julie
conference-callWant to know what’s really happening in the Texas Legislature with key conservative legislation?  What bills are moving?  What bills are stuck?  What YOU can do to help?  Then join us for a Texas Grassroots Conference Call!
What:  Kick-off of Weekly Conference Calls with Conservative Legislators
Why:   To unite, educate and empower the Texas conservative citizen movement around conservative reform efforts in the Texas Legislature
When:  Thursday, March 5, 2015
Time:  Promptly starts at 6 PM – 7 PM
Format:   Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming will moderate a statewide conference call with members of the Texas Legislature.  She will schedule up to four legislative members each week and ask them to each talk about a bill of their choice.  The legislators will lay out the bill and tell you why the bill is important.  They will tell you where the bill is in the legislative process. JoAnn will tell you how “we the people” can help the conservatives move legislation.
Scheduled for the first week are Representatives Matt Schaefer and Jonathan Stickland.  Scheduling of two other House members is in progress.
Conference call information:
Call-in Number: 1-302-202-1114
Code: 420825
Jump on the call early to get a spot!  This alert is going out to the statewide conservative grassroots network, and this covers a whole lot of Texans!
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April 15: First-Ever, Statewide Tea Party Rally

Posted January 29th, 2015 by Julie

Texas Tea Party Rally 2015


WHO:  All who support the tea party principles of Limited Government, Fiscal Sanity, Personal Responsibility, Rule of Law, and National and State Sovereignty, whether you belong to a group, attend meetings or not! Dozens and dozens of tea parties from around the state are participating!

WHAT:  First ever statewide tea party rally

WHERE:  South Steps of the Texas Capitol Building in Austin

WHEN: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

  • Rally before the Rally – 11:30-noon (optional group worship music as folks arrive)
  • Rally – noon-1pm
  • Breakout Sessions – 2:00pm and 3:30pm (see below)
  • Citizen Lobbying – 1:30-5:00pm (names of Reps to visit and talking points provided via flyer)

WHY: To check on legislation mid-session and to show the combined strength of Texas tea partiers

COST: This event is free to all.  We encourage you to purchase a $15 event t-shirt to help defray costs and show solidarity.  Check ‘em out at:






RSVP:  Only required for breakout sessions (see below), but if you’re on Facebook, help us promote the event by signing up at

Rally Before The Rally:  Half an hour BEFORE the event begins (11:30am) we’ll have a worship pastor leading us in music while folks arrive.  As you’re planning your travel, if this interests you, you might want to plan to arrive a little early.  Folks will be moving about during this time as they arrive and get settled – no worries.  It’s just something extra to prepare us and unify us for those interested.


  • Brandon Darby, Managing Director of Breitbart Texas
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Jonathan Stickland, Texas’ #1 most conservative State Representative (District 92)
  • and more!


BREAKOUT SESSIONS:    We have very limited space for each of our breakout sessions. Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up by emailing

  • 2:00 Wade Miller: Social Media For Beginners – Reagan Bldg JHR 100
  • 2:00 NAGR: How to Lobby Effectively From Home or In-Person – Member’s Lounge, Capitol Extension Bldg, E2.1002
  • 2:00 James Stanley: How to Follow the Money – Reagan Bldg JHR 131
  • 3:30 Wade Miller: Social Media, Advanced Skills – Reagan Bldg JHR 100
  • 3:30 Brett Rogers: Candidate Training and How To Help Your Candidate – Reagan Bldg JHR 131
  • 3:30 Tea Party Q&A Panel: How to Grow Your Group – Member’s Lounge, Capitol Ext Bldg, E2.1002


TRANSPORTATION:  Some tea parties are organizing buses to this event. Check with your local group, or email for info on organizing your own bus.

NE Tarrant Tea Party is booking a bus to leave from N Irving.  Cost is $50 per person.  Bus will leave from the parking lot of the Walmart at MacArthur and 635 in Irving at 6:30am sharp. We will stop for kolaches in West on the way to Austin, arriving in Austin by 11:30am or maybe a little earlier, depending on traffic.  The event starts at noon (pre-rally at 11:30) and ends at 4:30.  Bus departs Capitol at 5pm. We’ll stop for dinner on the way home, reaching Irving by 11pm.  Riders would eat lunch at the Capitol and stop for dinner on the way home. Bus is equipped with bathrooms, wifi, DVD player, and power outlets. Pay via cash, check, credit card or Paypal as you board. Reserve your seat by emailing Bring friends!

For those who sign up for the bus trip to Austin for the Tax Day Rally, IF THE BUS FILLS UP WITH 50 PEOPLE, we’ll do a random drawing for a free ticket to the Academy of Country Music Awards hosted by Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan! Wow!  Remember, we have to have 50 people to do the drawing!

BRING:  camp chair/blanket if desired, umbrella?, signs/posters if desired; walking shoes; event tshirt

Partial list of tea parties participating:

  • NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • Allen Area Patriots
  • Frisco Tea Party
  • Clear Lake Tea Party
  • Kingwood Tea Party
  • Montgomery County Tea Party
  • Lone Star Tea Party
  • Arlington Tea Party
  • Southeast Texas Tea Party
  • North Texas Tea Party
  • Hood County Tea Party
  • Heritage Action South Central Region
  • Fredericksburg Tea Party
  • Johnson County Tea Party
  • Texas Patriots Tea Party
  • Collin County Conservative Republicans
  • Kaufman County Tea Party
  • Abilene TEA Party
  • Amarillo TEA Party
  • San Angelo TEA Party
  • Pearland TEA Party
  • The Remembrance Project
  • Alvin Tea Party Patriots
  • Lake Jackson Tea Party
  • Fort Bend County Tea Party
  • Tea Party Patriots of Texas
  • Raging Elephants Radio
  • Battleground Tea Party of Texas
  • Grand Prairie Tea Party
  • North Texas Citizens Lobby
  • Texoma Patriots
  • Garland Tea Party
  • Golden Corridor Republican Women
  • Special Operations Speaks PAC+
  • add YOUR group by emailing!
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