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The Border Situation and What YOU Can Do

Posted July 11th, 2014 by Julie


Activists and concerned citizens all around the country are asking me what they can do to help stop the invasion of illegals into our country.  I’ve put together a few ideas.  There are tons of other good ideas floating around out there, but this can get you started…

ALL levels of government must be addressed…

Local: Talk to your city council & mayor. Find out where they stand in terms of inviting the illegals to your city. If they appear at all wishy-washy, it might be a good idea to gather some folks to speak at your next council meeting against it. I have a resolution you can present and ask them to sign, but only ask after they hear from a bunch of citizens on why it is so important (email for the resolution). Click for contact info for NE Tarrant cities, or google your own city.

County: I spoke with Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley and County Commissioner Gary Fickes. They were pretty strongly on our side and don’t expect any of our cities to welcome the illegals. We do have a military base the Feds could use without any permissions, but I’m told it’s already pretty crowded.  The county will make plans to handle it if that happens. If you don’t live in Tarrant County, I recommend having a similar conversation with your County Judge and Commissioner(s). I have a resolution a county could sign off on if interested.

State: To date, Perry has not been the strong voice we need. He’s very capable of taking a strong stance, but he’s apparently not willing. I’m praying for him to have wisdom from the Holy Spirit and the courage to act on it. Meanwhile, it’s important that we contact him to ask him to call on the Guard to secure the border (even if Texas has to pay for it). We would also like him to call a special session to turn off the magnets drawing the illegals in. Also let your State Rep and your State Senator know you want them to urge Perry to do both of those things. Even conservative Reps are split on this one so don’t assume you don’t need to contact yours.

Federal: Contact your Congressman and ask him/her to withhold foreign aid from Central American countries and use that money to send the illegals home. They will also need to quickly change the law that requires a court hearing for anyone claiming refugee status. Keep it short and simple.

Talking Points:

  • It is not in the best interest of those in dangerous and poverty-stricken countries to continue to see America as the Promised Land. THAT is the humanitarian message. As long as others believe we will help them, they will keep coming, and that is a very dangerous thing for them. One-third of the children are sexually molested. Crime is rampant. Some will die (or be left for dead) on the way. Diseases are spreading amongst them. It is not safe for them to attempt this journey – and especially not to send their kids on this journey with strangers!
  • The kids have been separated from their parents! It is in their own best interests to maintain the family unit and send the kids home to their parents. If I’m facing a crisis, I want my child with me so I can provide some sense of safety and security through it… and I promise you I’m the only one my child would want to be with as well. We need to care for them while they are here, but get them back to their moms and dads asap.
  • Adoption is not an option as they kids do have parents, and those parents are not willing to relinquish their rights. (They are hoping once their kids are in the US, they as parents will be welcome to follow).
  • The “kids” are not necessarily kids! About half of them are actually teenage boys ages 15-17 – considered men in their own culture. Many of them have gang-related tattoos.
  • It is a moral responsibility to take care of our own families first (1 Tim 5:8). But bringing diseased persons into our country and integrating them into our schools, stores, and health care facilities will hurt, not help, our own families.
  • The US is $17 trillion in debt. We do not have the money to help without borrowing or printing it. This puts the debt burden on the backs of our kids and grandkids for generations to come.
  • What about the financial burden to schools and hospitals? Are schools prepared for all the new students? Do you want your child sitting next to someone with TB or scabies? Will your child’s teacher slow down her lessons to accommodate those who don’t speak English and/or are not at the same level as the others? (They are placed by age, not by what grade they are ready for). Are you prepared for your county taxes to go up to fund the unforeseen expenses at your county hospital? Or worse yet… for your county hospital to have to shut down due to lack of funds?
  • The life raft is full. If America takes on everyone from 3rd world countries, we will sink. And then what good are we to anyone… including ourselves? We are broke. Broke. Charity should be given on an individual basis at home, not by the government. America does have a proper procedure for both refugees and immigrants. Those should be followed.
  • The best way to help them is in their own country. Their governments need to feel shame for allowing an environment that their citizens want to flee. We can offer humanitarian assistance through local charities, and we can pressure their governments to get things in order.

As always, communicate in a respectful way. Attacking anyone only makes them dig in deeper, and it makes you look like a hater. These problems have been building for years and are not any one person’s or party’s fault.

[This post can be printed on a one-page flyer by clicking here.]



PS.  Regardless of who your US Congressman is, begin with calling US Rep Kenny Marchant who sits on the Ways & Means Committee and the newly formed Border Security Sub-Committee.  Then call or email our local US Representatives.   Their contact information is below.

Rep Kenny Marchant
Email:   (24th District residents only)
Washington Phone:   202-225-6605
Irving Phone:             972-556-0162

Rep Michael Burgess  
Email:   (26th District residents only)
Washington Phone:   (202) 225-7772
Lewisville Phone:       (972) 434-9700

Rep Kay Granger
Email:  (12th District residents only)
Washington Phone:   (202) 225-5071
Ft Worth Phone:             (817) 338-0909


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America is exceptional! Let’s celebrate her together!

Posted July 1st, 2014 by Julie

[Note:  This is not an NETTP event.  This is a personal invite from President Julie McCarty...]

Before you leave town for the July 4 weekend, enjoy dinner and a movie with like-minded patriots!


Let’s meet up at 5:00pm for dinner at Golden Corral (no waitress required, plus awesome pot roast and a chocolate fountain — and yes, I will fill up a bowl of that delicious liquid!). I know 5pm is early and will not work for many of you, but it was the best we could do given the show time.

Then we’ll head over to Grapevine Mills AMC on July 3 to watch the 6:45 showing of Dinesh’s new movie America: Imagine the World Without Her (see the trailer here: It’s a great chance to teach and remember that America is no ordinary nation. We are EXCEPTIONAL!

Come to the movie, the dinner, both or just one. Wear your tea party shirt so we’ll know you’re with us. Disclaimer: I make no promises to recognize anyone or remember anyone’s name outside of an NETTP meeting and without name tags! Please introduce yourself. This is all dutch treat — but the friendship is free. :-)

You don’t have to be an NETTP member to join us. Family, friends, anyone is welcome. And we’re not renting out the theater or anything, so of course it’s open to the public.

I recommend buying your movie ticket now before it sells out! Make sure you buy your ticket for JULY 3. You’ll have to enter in the date at this link:

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WE WON!!!! Here’s The New Immigration Plank…

Posted June 8th, 2014 by Julie

Amendment to Preliminary 2014 Platform of the Republican Party of Texas

Submitted by Peter Batura, SD 17


America is proudly a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, our nation has attracted productive, industrious and gifted people to America because she is exceptional, and those immigrants and their descendants helped make America the world’s unrivaled economic and military superpower. It remains imperative to create fair and consistent procedures that will again enable freedom-loving, hard-working and law-abiding immigrants to join us, by providing them an efficient, practical method of legal entry, so they can lawfully take positions where their labor is needed, without exploitation or harassment.

Our national interests are poorly served by our broken, embattled, and outdated immigration system, and patchwork attempts to mend its deficiencies will not prepare us to continue to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex global economy that demands the legal movement of people to fill jobs at all skill levels. An efficient, profamily and market-based system will provide a more workable solution that is compassionate, equitable and respects the rule of law.

But by failing to create a rational and effective system that encourages and facilitates legal immigration to the benefit of the nation, Congress has forced states to deal with the consequences of a broken immigration system, including human, sex and drug trafficking, the direct criminal activities of cartels and gangs. This situation must end so America can, once again, enjoy the fruits of a vibrant and beneficial system of legal immigration.

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Fighting the TX Amnesty Solution

Posted May 31st, 2014 by Julie



Conservatives statewide are being called upon to help fight against a plank pushing for amnesty in the TX GOP platform.  The plank outlines several good ideas, and then throws in a few dangerous ones.  Here’s what the Texas Amnesty Solution asks for:

1. Secure Our Borders – The U.S. Border must be secured immediately! We demand the application of effective, practical and reasonable measures to secure our borders and to bring safety and security for all Americans along the border and throughout the nation.

2. Modernize the United States Social Security Card – We support the improvement of our 1936 Social Security card to use contemporary anti-counterfeit technology. The social security card will not be considered a National ID card for U.S. citizens.

3. Birthright Citizenship – We call on the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the United States to clarify Section 1 of the 14th amendment to limit citizenship by birth to those born to a citizen of the United States with no exceptions.

4. Create an Effective and Efficient Temporary Worker Program – A national Temporary Worker Program should be implemented to bring skilled and unskilled workers into the United States for temporary periods of time when no U.S. workers are currently available. The program should also require:

  • Self-funding through participation fees and fines
  • Applicants must pass a full criminal background check
  • Applicants with prior immigration violations would only qualify for the program if they paid the appropriate fines.
  • Applicants and/or employers must prove that they can afford and/or secure private health insurance
  • Applicants must waive any and all rights to apply for financial assistance from any public entitlement programs
  • Applicant must show a proficiency in the English language and complete an American civic class.
  • Temporary Workers would only be able to work for employers that deduct and match payroll taxes
  • All participants would be issued an individual Temporary-Worker Biometric Identification Card that tracks all address changes and both civil and criminal court appearances as a defendant.


  • The first 3 items on the Texas Solution are good and worthy, but #4 is an outline for a guest worker program which basically grants amnesty to anyone currently in the country illegally.
  •  The platform does not contain anything about punishing employers who hire illegals.
  • Security is a serious issue, particularly for border states like Texas.  Drug traffickers, human traffickers, and other criminals are crossing our borders unchecked.
  • The financial burden on the American taxpayer will be high. Current net fiscal cost per illegal household is about $14,387/yr. Once legal status of any kind is achieved, it opens the door for more federal benefits, raising that number to about $29,000/year. Extrapolated out, the conservative estimate for the total net cost of granting amnesty is $6.3 TRILLIONHeritage Action has a great flyer that summarizes the fiscal cost of illegals.  You can view it here:  FRONT  BACK
  • If the Texas GOP adopts this platform, with built in amnesty under the guise of the guest worker program, it will provide incentive to national Republican leadership to push for the same in other states and in Congress. (“If Texas, the conservative bastion of states, is on board, then it must be good for conservatives!”)
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The Low Down on the “Texas Solution”

Posted May 28th, 2014 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party has asked Wade Miller for help in understanding the Texas Solution, an amnesty proposal being considered by the Texas GOP.

We are hosting a meeting to discuss what it is, why it’s bad, and how to fight it.  All conservatives from any county are welcome to attend.

Conservative Push Back on Amnesty Meeting

Spring Creek BBQ
315 Hwy 114, Grapevine

Friday, May 30
meeting starts at 7pm
arrive early to get food if you plan to buy dinner

In the meantime, here’s a summary Wade provided on Facebook…

Many have asked me what my opinion is on the “Texas Solution” for immigration that was passed into the 2012 Texas Republican Party platform.

As a resident of Texas, and speaking on behalf of myself only, I can unequivocally say that the “Texas Solution” is terrible public policy. It has some completely unrealistic expectations of what is possible in practical application, completely ignores the political legislative process through which it must pass, and in the end would almost definitely result in amnesty, which in turn would see a significant increase in the national debt to the tune of (on the low end) $6.3 trillion dollars.


I could write pages breaking down the major problems with the “Texas Solution”, and I probably will, but two MAJOR problems are as follows…

1. The plan calls for having illegals pay a fine in order to be granted a legal work status. Aside from the fact that unemployment is high, the labor force participation is at all-time lows, and saturating the market with low skilled labor would drive down wages, a fine does nothing to offset the huge fiscal debt burden created by amnesty. Illegals have an aggregate negative tax burden of roughly $14,400 a year. Once granted amnesty, because they now have access to direct benefits (and they will get access), that negative tax burden jumps to between roughly $27,000 and $29,500 a year (depending on pre or post recession models). Unless the fine paid by illegals equals $29,500 every year, a legal status would create a crushing aggregate debt burden, as referenced above, of around $6.3 trillion (new debt). I doubt very seriously that the “Texas Solution” is advocating a yearly fine of that amount nor could it be expected to be paid. As written the “Texas Solution” is a huge fiscal liability that would have devastating consequences.

2. The plan calls for statutorily keeping those granted a legal status from qualifying for direct benefits. This is a political fantasy, and banking on this being achieved is extremely dangerous to conservatives and the Republican Party. I am extremely doubtful that such language would actually make it to the final bill to be voted on after it weaves its way through the legislative process, but let’s assume it did, and those opposing such a policy let it slide through, this would be for a nefarious reason, to move the process forward in order to initiate the second phase of their amnesty plans. It isn’t even quite clear whether blocking direct benefits to those here legally is even legal, but let’s assume it is. The Left would clobber Republicans and conservatives on the back side of this if it were to actually pass into law in the current form, which is still unlikely anyways. This policy, the Left would argue afterwards, perhaps immediately upon passage or a year or two later, creates second class citizens, legal residents who pay into the system but do not have equal access under the law, individuals who have taxation but no representation. Human interest stories would be thrust forward highlighting how the children of these new legal residents, and the residents themselves are having their access to opportunity stifled, which in turn limits their economic mobility and creates a permanent subservient class, toiling and working hard to pay for the social programs enjoyed by citizens and legal immigrants. The Left would turn this into a Civil Rights issue. This rhetorical argument would be nearly impossible to combat and the entire Democrat Caucus and at least 20-30 Republicans could be counted on to overturn the will of the majority of the Republican Party.

This is just scratching the surface.

The “Texas Solution” is a policy blunder of epic proportions that relies on a utopian understanding of the legislative process. The practical application of this plank of the Texas Republican Platform would be devastating for the nation. Conservatives and Republicans should not attach their name to or endorse such a plan and we certainly don’t want the infamous notoriety of this being linked to Texas in any way were it to actually be put into action. Having the word “Texas” attached to the plan that hastened a national fiscal insolvency, lowered wages, and made it more difficult for those currently here legally to find work is not the kind of reputation Texas should be affirmatively thrusting forward.

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The So-Called “Texas Solution”

Posted May 27th, 2014 by Julie

NE Tarrant Tea Party believes in the the traditional two-party system, and the only way to fix that broken system is to be fully engaged with it!

In 2010 the Republican Party of Texas had a really good platform on immigration and border control. In 2012 some liberals snuck in a bunch of garbage and weakened our platform. Conservatives didn’t catch it until it was too late, and we were outraged.

Now guess what… In 2014 they are trying to make it even worse and have stacked the committees against us. They call it the “Texas Solution”. It’s not quite the solution we were looking for!

And it’s not gonna happen on our watch!

Make sure to “like” the facebook page designed to keep us abreast of this fight against the RINOs at the upcoming TX GOP Convention.

But even more than that, make sure to send an email to the following four people to tell them we don’t want the Texas Solution!

  • Tom Mechler
  • Mike Gibson
  • Sheryl Holland
  • Mary Holmsley

You can copy and paste all 4 email addresses and send a message to the group from this list:,,,

The convention is June 5-7.  Hopefully we’ll have victory!

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Our Weekend on the Border- Doing What the Government Won’t

Posted May 20th, 2014 by Fred

What’s happening on our Southern Border is a humanitarian disaster, an invasion, and an outrage.  Politicians are indifferent. We need to stop complaining and take ownership, and Texas Border Volunteers is one way to do just that.

Over the weekend, two of our NETTP members headed to the border to volunteer with Texas Border Volunteers. Equipped with fun gear like night vision, thermal imaging, 4WD ATVs, radios and side arms, they spent their nights watching over private ranches for illegal aliens (“criminal trespassers”). And they were quite successful! In three days’ time they turned in 60 criminal trespassers to Border Patrol, who in turn made 34 arrests. And that was considered a slow weekend! Among the arrested was a guide who is a gang member (Tango Blast), repeat offender with an illegal weapon and a record of human smuggling. Texas Department of Public Safety’s latest gang assessment names Tango Blast among the worst — and growing criminal organizations.

If you are interested in joining NETTP and other tea party members from around the state on the border (and you are a CHL holder), please go to this link to find the volunteer form.

Sign a Petition to Request Immediate Texas Border Control

Video of illegal alien with knife being captured.

Dr. Mike Vickers explains the mission of TBV.

Thermal surveillance of illegals trespassing on ranch land.



Border Patrol arresting a criminal trespasser.

Border Patrol arresting a criminal trespasser.

Barely 100' from the highway, this guy wasn't even trying to hide.

Barely 100′ from the highway, this guy wasn’t even trying to hide.

A criminal trespasser with a ton of attitude.

A criminal trespasser with a ton of attitude.


ATV's are essential for quick response.

ATV’s are essential for quick response.

Notice the Chinese writing? 73% of TBV apprehensions were OTM (Other Than Mexican. They have assisted with or reported to Border Patrol illegals from over 70 countries.

Notice the Chinese writing? 73% of TBV apprehensions are OTM (Other Than Mexican.) They have assisted with or reported to Border Patrol illegals from over 70 countries.

The freebies start early.

The freebies start early.

Camo'd up and out on watch.

Camo’d up and out on watch.

Yes. You're going to need snake boots.

Yes. You’re going to need snake boots.

Night vision.

Night vision.

Secure our Border- It's Your Cause Join it.

Secure our Border- It’s Your Cause Join it.

Why? Because Texas is worth it.

Why? Because Texas is worth it.




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2014 Runoff Election Details & Recommendations

Posted May 15th, 2014 by Julie


If a candidate does not win at least 50% of the vote in the Primary Election, the top two contenders go to a runoff election.  This was the case with several county and statewide races in our area.  Here’s all you need to know about the Runoff…

EARLY VOTING: May 19-23, 7am-7pm – This is Mon-Fri (no weekend voting this time)


ELECTION DAY:  May 27, 7am-7pm

(note:  Election Day is the day after Memorial Day.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to vote that day, make sure to vote early!)

ELECTION DAY LOCATIONSclick here and enter your name

SAMPLE BALLOT click here and enter your name


In Tarrant County there are 9 possible races that you’ll see on your ballot.  You may not have all 9.

The races and candidates are listed below.  The number beside each name indicates how many votes out of 8 each person received from our Steering Committee and Board members.

  • Lt. Governor:

     8   Dan Patrick

     0   David Dewhurst

  • Attorney General:

     8   Ken Paxton

     0   Dan Branch

  • Ag Commissioner

     8   Sid Miller

     0   Tommy Merritt

  • RR Commissioner

     8   Wayne Christian

     0   Ryan Sitton

  • State Board of Education, Dist 11

     8   Eric Mahroum

     0   Pat Hardy

  • State Senator, Dist 10

     8   Konni Burton

     0   Mark Shelton

  • County Criminal Court Judge #2

     6   Atticus Gill

     2   Carey Walker

  • County Criminal Court Judge #3

     7   Alex Kim

     1   Bob McCoy

  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 3

     4   Lenny Lopez

     4   Russ Casey

Click here for a printable flyer you can take to the polls and hand out to friends!